2019-2020 Duke Ph.D. Graduates

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Hasan Abbas

“An Essential Role for Skeletal Muscle Progenitor Cells in Response to Ischemia in Vascular Disease.” (Pharmacology) Ann Marie Pendergast and Christopher Kontos, Advisers. May 2020.

Nabil Abboud

“A Class of Tetrahedral Finite Elements for Complex Geometry and Nonlinear Mechanics: a Variational Multiscale Approach.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Guglielmo Scovazzi, Adviser. December 2019.

Kelly Lynn Alexander

“Edible Cultures: The Politics and Ethics of Recuperating Food Waste.” (Cultural Anthropology) Anne Allison, Adviser. May 2020.

Irem Altan

“Understanding the Structure and Formation of Protein Crystals Using Computer Simulation and Theory.” (Chemistry) Patrick Charbonneau, Adviser. December 2019.

Kaitlyn Jo Andreano

“Exploiting Our Contemporary Understanding of the Molecular Pharmacology of the Estrogen Receptor to Develop Novel Therapeutics.” (Pharmacology) Donald McDonnell, Adviser. May 2020.

Joseph B. Andrews

“Printed Carbon Nanotube Thin Films for Electronic Sensing.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Aaron Franklin, Adviser. September 2019.

Malarvizhi Arulraj

“Quantifying and Elucidating the Physical Basis of Uncertainty in GPM-DPR Precipitation in Mountain Regions Using Multi-frequency Observations and Models.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Ana P. Barros, Adviser. December 2019.

Mercy Nyamewaa Asiedu

“Development of a Toolbox for Automated, Speculum-Free, Self-Cervical Cancer Screening with Applications to Resource-Limited Settings.” (Biomedical Engineering) Nimmi Ramanujam, Adviser. September 2019.



Hunter Bachman

“Flexural Wave Based Acoustofluidic Devices.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Tony Huang, Adviser. May 2020.

Kwabena Agyeman Badu-Nkansah

“Elaborating the Desmosome Proteome: Insights into Novel Mechanisms Essential for Regulating Epidermal Integrity and Homeostasis.” (Cell Biology) Terry Lechler, Adviser. May 2020.

Samagya Banskota

“Development of Genetically Encoded Zwitterionic Polypeptides for Drug Delivery.” (Biomedical Engineering) Ashutosh Chilkoti, Adviser. December 2019.

Jena Ariel Barnes

“Plasmon-Assisted Photothermal Catalysis.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Nico Hotz, Adviser. September 2019.

Enrique Tomas Barraza

“Foundational Studies of the Deposition of Metal-Halide Perovskite Thin Films by Resonant Infrared, Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Adrienne Stiff-Roberts, Adviser. May 2020.

Anita Nicole Bateman

“Ethiopia in Focus: Photography, Nationalism, Diaspora, and Modernization.” (Art, Art History, and Visual Studies) Richard Powell, Adviser. May 2020.

Matthew James Paul Beckett

“Equivariant Nahm Transforms and Minimal Yang--Mills Connections.” (Mathematics) Mark Stern, Adviser. May 2020.

Xiaoshu Bei

“Understanding Firms' Technology Sourcing Strategy: How is it Related to Complementary Assests and the Hiring of New Inventors.” (Business Administration) Sharon Belenzon, Adviser. September 2019.

Michael Bell

“Second-Order Families of Minimal Lagrangians in CP3.” (Mathematics) Robert L. Bryant, Adviser. September 2019.

Laura Elizabeth Bellows

“Immigration Enforcement and Student Outcomes.” (Public Policy) Anna Gassman-Pines, Adviser. September 2019.

Max Hanson Beninger

“A Philosophical Examination of Working Memory.” (Philosophy) Karen Neander, Adviser. September 2019.

Matthew Theodor Biegler

“Developing Molecular Tools for Interrogating a Vocal Learning Avian Species.” (Neurobiology) Erich Jarvis, Adviser. May 2020.

Oliver Binz

“Managerial Response to Macroeconomic Uncertainty: Implications for Firm Profitability.” (Business Administration) William Mayew, Adviser. May 2020.

Joella Bitter

“Sounding the City: Aural Intimacies and Ecologies of Knowledge in Gulu, Uganda.” (Cultural Anthropology) Louise Meintjes, Adviser. May 2020.

Joel Nils Bjornstad

“Noisefield Estimation, Array Calibration and Buried Threat Detection in the Presence of Diffuse Noise.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Leslie M. Collins, Adviser. September 2019.

Joshua B. Black

“Epigenome Editing for Reprogramming Neuronal Cell Fate Specification.” (Biomedical Engineering) Charles A. Gersbach, Adviser. September 2019.

Jeffrey Miles Blackburn

“Advances in Selectivity of the Suzuki-Miyaura and Hofmann-Löffler-Freytag Reactions.” (Chemistry) Jennifer L. Roizen, Adviser. September 2019.

Sandie Blaise

“Transnational Trickster: Publishing, Representing, and Marketing Dany Laferrière.” (Romance Studies) Laurent Dubois, Adviser. September 2019.

Rachael Jin Bloom

“High-Throughput Isolation and Culture of Human Gut Bacteria with Droplet Microfluidics.” (Genetics and Genomics) Lawrence David, Adviser. September 2019.

Aleah Charlotte Bowie

“Adaptive Motivations Drive Concern for Common Good Resources.” (Evolutionary Anthropology) Brian A. Hare, Adviser. September 2019.

Emily Josephine Bowie

“TTBK2 and Primary Cilia are Required for Purkinje Cell Survival.” (Genetics and Genomics) Sarah Goetz, Adviser. December 2019.

Jarron Daniel Bowman

“Economic Insecurity, Political Inequality, and the Well-Being of American Families.” (Sociology) Angel Harris and Scott Lynch, Advisers. May 2020.

Michael Boyarsky

“Metasurface Antennas for Synthetic Aperture Radar.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) David R. Smith, Adviser. December 2019.

Alex Cole Broussard

“Control of Nucleotide-Sugar Metabolism in Glycan Biosynthesis and Cellular Physiology.” (Biochemistry) Michael Boyce, Adviser. September 2019.

Joseph Wellington Brown

“The Politics of Foreign Military Basing.” (Political Science) Peter Feaver and Kyle Beardsley, Advisers. May 2020.

John Paul Bumpus

“Essays on the Structural and Cultural Determinants of Youths' Postsecondary Educational Outcomes.” (Sociology) Scott Lynch and Angel Harris, Advisers. May 2020.

Benjamin Clark Malloy Burchfiel

“3D Object Representations for Robot Perception.” (Computer Science) George Konidaris, Adviser. September 2019.

Eileen Therese Malloy Burchfiel

“Novel Protein Regulators of Heat Shock Transcription Factor 1 During Stress and Disease.” (Biochemistry) Margarethe Kuehn, Adviser. September 2019.

Kyle Christian Burris

“Advances in Survey Methodology and Sports Science.” (Statistical Science) Peter Hoff, Adviser. September 2019.



Yu Cao

“Analytical and Numerical Study of Lindblad Equations.” (Mathematics) Jianfeng Lu, Adviser. May 2020.

Robert Gerard Carden, Jr.

“Mechanistic Investigations of Gold(I)-catalyzed Carbene Transfer and Hydrofunctionalization Reactions.” (Chemistry) Ross A. Widenhoefer, Adviser. September 2019.

Davide Guido Carozza

“Risky Business: The Economy of Self-Management in Eighteenth-Century British Fiction.” (Literature) Nancy Armstrong, Adviser. May 2020.

Morine Cebert-Saintval

“Psychobiological, Clinical, and Sociocultural Factors that Influence Black Women to Seek, Initiate, and Complete Treatment for Infertility: A Mixed Methods Study.” (Nursing) Rosa Gonzalez-Guarda and Eleanor Stevenson, Advisers. May 2020.

Catherine Ann Chamberlin

“The Role of Ecology in Creating Diel Nitrate Concentration Patterns in Streams and Rivers.” (Ecology) James Heffernan, Adviser. May 2020.

Zanetta Chang

“On Mechanisms of Resistance in the Human Fungal Pathogen Mucor circinelloides.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) Joseph Heitman, Adviser. May 2020.

Zhuoqing Chang

“Appearance-based Gaze Estimation and Applications in Healthcare.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Guillermo Sapiro, Adviser. May 2020.

Chaofan Chen

“Interpretability by Design: New Interpretable Machine Learning Models and Methods.” (Computer Science) Cynthia Rudin, Adviser. May 2020.

Chen Chen

“Performance Analysis in Large-Scale Stochastic Dynamic Programs.” (Business Administration) David Brown and Santiago Balseiro, Advisers. May 2020.

Chong Chen

“Rebel Interdependence: Essays on Ethnic Mobilization, Competition, and Inclusion.” (Political Science) Kyle Beardsley, Adviser. December 2019.

Haohan Chen

“The Micro-foundations of Authoritarian Rule Unveiled by Digital Traces: New Theories and Methods with Applications to Chinese Social Media.” (Political Science) Melanie Frances Manion, Adviser. December 2019.

Hsueh-Ling Chen

“Novel Features of Drosophila Sweet Taste System.” (Biology) Rebecca Chung-Hui Yang, Adviser. December 2019.

Lee Hung Chen

“Genomic and Molecular Characterization of Brainstem Glioma.” (Pathology) Hai Yan, Adviser. September 2019.

Mingliu Chen

“Stochastic Optimization in Market Design and Incentive Management Problems.” (Business Administration) Peng Sun, Adviser. May 2020.

Zhihui Cheng

“Modification and Scaling of Metal Contacts to 2D Materials Using an In-Situ Argon Ion Beam.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Aaron Franklin, Adviser. September 2019.

Abhishek Chhetri

“The Role of (1,3)-β-D-Glucan Synthase in Fungal Cell Wall Biosynthesis.” (Biochemistry) Kenichi Yokoyama, Adviser. May 2020.

Eunji Cho

“Human Flourishing in Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer.” (Nursing) Sharron Docherty, Adviser. May 2020.

Ha Na Choe

“Estrogen’s Impact on the Specialized Transcriptome, Brain, and Vocal Learning Behavior of a Sexually Dimorphic Songbird.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) Erich Jarvis and Hiroaki Matsunami, Advisers. May 2020.

Pakawat Chongsathidkiet

“Characterizing and Arresting Bone Marrow T-cell Sequestration in the Setting of Glioblastoma and Other Intracranial Tumors.” (Pathology) Peter Fecci, Adviser. May 2020.

Chia-chieh Chu

“Targeting Alternative Conformational States of the HIV-1 Rev Response Element Stem IIB using Small Molecules.” (Biochemistry) Hashim M. Al-Hashimi, Adviser. May 2020.

William Richard Cioffi

“Social behavior of the Cuvier’s Beaked Whale (Ziphius cavirostris) Investigated by Telemetry and Photo-Identification.” (Ecology) Andrew Read, Adviser. May 2020.

Erez Cohen

“Developmental Regulation of Injury-Induced Cell Cycles in the Drosophila Hindgut.” (Cell Biology) Donald Fox, Adviser. May 2020.

Thomas Joseph Beattie Cole

“Beyond Republicanism: Political Thought in Tacitus’ Minor Works.” (Classical Studies) Jed W. Atkins, Adviser. December 2019.

Steven Edward Conklin López

“Insight into How the Coordination Environment of Cu Influences Chemical and Biological Activity of the Antifungal Peptide Histatin-5.” (Chemistry) Katherine J. Franz, Adviser. September 2019.

Cherie Conley

“Determining Health: Using Dyadic Peer Support to Promote Health in African American Faith Communities.” (Nursing) Issac Lipkus, Adviser. May 2020.

Molly Copeland

“When Peers Help and Harm: Adolescent Social Structure and Mental Health.” (Sociology) James Moody, Adviser. May 2020.

Amanda Helen Cox

“Investigating the Role of Calcium Dynamics and the Gap Junction Subunit Innexin3 in Drosophila Epithelial Morphogenesis.” (Biology) Daniel P. Kiehart, Adviser. December 2019.

Ben Dillon Cox

“Investigating Dynamics of Tissue Regeneration via Live Imaging of Zebrafish Scales.” (Genetics and Genomics) Kenneth Poss and Stefano Di Talia, Advisers. September 2019.

Bridget Mackenzie Crawford

“Plasmonic Nanoplatforms for Sensing, Diagnostics, and Therapy.” (Biomedical Engineering) Tuan Vo-Dinh, Adviser. May 2020.

Elizabeth Anne Crisenbery

“Performing Fascism: Opera, Politics, and Masculinities in Fascist Italy, 1935-1941.” (Music) Bryan Gilliam, Adviser. May 2020.

Joshua Cruz

“Examples of the Local L2-Cohomology of Algebraic Varieties.” (Mathematics) Les Saper, Adviser. May 2020.

Mutya Aguila Cruz

“Synthesis and Applications of Copper Nanowires and Nanoplates.” (Chemistry) Benjamin Wiley, Adviser. December 2019.

Daniela Fernanda Cruz Ordoñez

“Enhancement of Fluorescence-Based Immunoassay for Point-of-Care Testing Using the Plasmonic Nanopatch Metasurface.” (Biomedical Engineering) Maiken Mikkelsen and Tuan Vo-Dinh, Advisers. May 2020.

David Lee Cunefare

“A Comprehensive Framework for Adaptive Optics Scanning Light Ophthalmoscope Image Analysis.” (Biomedical Engineering) Sina Farsiu, Adviser. September 2019.

Vanessa Theresa Curlee

“Gender and Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Mental Health, Substance Use Disorders, and Behavioral Health Treatment Utilization in US Parolees and Probationers.” (Nursing) Susan Silva, Adviser. May 2020.

Sarah Alena Curzi

“Lilacs: Digital Songs and Poems for Voice, Clarinet, Percussion, Electric Guitar, and Electronics, and Ethical Considerations for the Design and Documentation of Wearable Technologies, Responsive Textiles, and Haptic Sound Art.” (Music) Stephen Jaffe and John Supko, Advisers. May 2020.

Hattie Christine Cutcliffe

In vivo Mechanical Metrics for the Quantitative Assessment of Cartilage Health.” (Biomedical Engineering) Louis E. DeFrate, Adviser. December 2019.



Michelle D'Aguillo

“Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences of Habitat Tracking through Germination Phenology.” (Biology) Kathleen Donohue, Adviser. May 2020.

Annu Dahiya

“The Conditions of Emergence: Towards a Feminist Philosophy of the Origins of Life.” (Literature) Elizabeth Grosz and Mark Hansen, Advisers. May 2020.

Joanne Dai

“Epstein-Barr Virus Infection Phenocopies Apoptosis Regulation in Germinal Center B Cells.” (Molecular Cancer Biology) Micah Luftig, Adviser. December 2019.

Benjamin Justin Daniels

Lumpy Gravy by Frank Zappa—A Comparative Analysis.” (Music) Scott Lindroth, Adviser. May 2020.

Nandini Datta

“To Eat or Not to Eat: An Investigation of Meal Skipping on Cognitive Functioning.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Nancy L. Zucker, Adviser. September 2019.

Michael Thomas Davidson

“Exploring the Role of Mitochondrial Bioenergetics and Metabolism in Heart Failure.” (Pharmacology) Deborah M. Muoio and Christopher B. Newgard, Advisers. May 2020.

Ahmet Degerli

“Essays on Banking.” (Business Administration) Manju Puri, Adviser. May 2020.

Yuan Deng

“Dynamic Mechanism Design in Complex Environments.” (Computer Science) Vincent Conitzer, Adviser. May 2020.

Paige Merritt Dexter

“The Functional and Pathophysiological Consequences of Transducin γ-Subunit Knockout.” (Pharmacology) Vadim Y. Arshavsky, Adviser. December 2019.

Aditi Dighe

“Integrated Fluorescence Sensing in a Digital Microfluidic System Using Thin Film Silicon Photodetectors.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Nan M. Jokerst, Adviser. May 2020.

Bushu Dong

“Chemical Biology Approaches to Interrogate Heat Shock Transcription Factor 1 Regulation in Cancer.” (Biochemistry) Pei Zhou, Adviser. May 2020.

Jiayun Dong

“Essays on Decision Theory.” (Economics) Todd Sarver, Adviser. May 2020.

Anita Đonlić

“Insights, Assays, and Strategies for Small Molecule-Based Modulation of the MALAT1 RNA Triple Helix.” (Chemistry) Amanda Hargrove, Adviser. May 2020.

Anna Jeannine Dowell

“Crafting an Egyptian Evangelicalism: Revolution, Revival, and Reform.” (Cultural Anthropology) Rebecca Stein, Adviser. May 2020.

Joshua Franklin Doyle

“Getting From Trust to Cooperation: The Moderating Role of Cultural Trust.” (Sociology) Stephen Vaisey, Adviser. May 2020.

Mark Theodore Draelos

“Robotics and Virtual Reality for Optical Coherence Tomography-Guided Ophthalmic Surgery and Diagnostics.” (Biomedical Engineering) Joseph Izatt, Adviser. May 2020.

Isabella Duarte

“Investigation of Deformable Image Registration Based Lung Ventilation Mapping for Radiation Therapy Using a Hybrid Hyperpolarized Gas MRI Technique.” (Medical Physics) Jing Cai and Fang-Fang Yin, Advisers. May 2020.

Rebekah Dumm

“Non-lytic Clearance of Influenza B Virus as a Host Defense Mechanism.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) Nicholas Heaton, Adviser. May 2020.

William Michael Duncan

“Homeostasis-Bifurcation Singularities and Identifiability of Feedforward Networks.” (Mathematics) Michael C. Reed, Adviser. May 2020.

Iara Alejandra Dundas

“For God and King: Jesuit Ephemeral Spectacles in France under the First Bourbons.” (Art, Art History, and Visual Studies) Sara Galletti, Adviser. December 2019.

Trisha L. Dupnock

“Development of a High Performance, Biological Trickling Filter to Upgrade Raw Biogas to Renewable Natural Gas.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Marc A. Deshusses, Adviser. December 2019.

Marielle DuToit

“Implementing Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy for the In Situ Analysis of Conducting Membrane Fouling.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Mark R. Wiesner, Adviser. December 2019.

Melissa Sue Duvall

“The interaction Between Multi-scale Topography and Flow in Shallow-water Coral Reefs.” (Marine Science and Conservation) James Hench, Adviser. May 2020.

Michael James Dzuricky

“Application of Repetitive Protein Polypeptides with an Upper Critical Solution Temperature at Various Length Scales.” (Biomedical Engineering) Ashutosh Chilkoti, Adviser. December 2019.



Allison Edgar

“Specification of Mesodermal Lineages Was Altered in the Evolution of the Lecithotrophic Sea Urchin Heliocidaris erythrogramma.” (Biology) Gregory A. Wray, Adviser. September 2019.

Lee Elizabeth Edsall

“Novel Methods to Identify Chromatin Accessibility Differences across Primates.” (Genetics and Genomics) Gregory Crawford, Adviser. December 2019.

William James Eldridge

“Development of Optical Tools for the Assessment of Cellular Biomechanics.” (Biomedical Engineering) Adam Wax, Adviser. September 2019.

Matthew Joseph Elia

“Ethics in the Afterlife of Slavery: Race, Augustinian Politics, and the Enduring Problem of the Christian Master.” (Religion) J. Kameron Carter, Adviser. September 2019.

Syed Faaiz Enam

“Engineering Cytokine and Macrophage Enrichment at Sites of Injury.” (Biomedical Engineering) Ravi Bellamkonda, Adviser. December 2019.

Zoë Alexandra Englander

“3D dynamic in vivo Imaging of Joint Motion: Application to Measurement of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Function.” (Biomedical Engineering) Louis E. DeFrate, Adviser. December 2019.

Caitlin Noel Esoda

“Aminopeptidase-Dependent Modulation of Bacterial Biofilms by Pseudomonas aeruginosa Outer Membrane Vesicles.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) Margarethe Kuehn, Adviser. December 2019.

Scott Tedmund Espenschied

“Chemical and Microbial Regulation of Epithelial Homeostasis and Innate Immunity.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) John F. Rawls, Adviser. September 2019.



Sean Barrett Fath

“Exploring Preferences for ‘Blinding’ One’s Own Judgment.” (Business Administration) Richard Larrick and Aaron Kay, Advisers. May 2020.

Yaying Feng

“Transition Metal Chalcogenide (Cadmium Sulfide) Nanoparticles: (Bio)synthesis, Characterization and Photoelectrochemical Performance.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Stefan Zauscher, Adviser. December 2019.

Guilherme Ferreira Pelúcio Salomé

“Using High-Frequency Options Data to Evaluate Economic Trading Models.” (Economics) George Tauchen, Adviser. May 2020.

Margaret Jenkins Foster

“Between a Hammer and an Anvil: Bottom-Up Organizational Transformation.” (Political Science) David Siegel, Adviser. May 2020.

Michelle Scotton Franklin

“Examination of Health Care Transition, Health Status, and Functional Outcomes Among Adolescents and Young Adults with Intellectual Disability.” (Nursing) Sharron Docherty, Adviser. May 2020.

Marcel Frenkel

“Combined Computational, Experimental, and Assay-Development Studies of Protein:Protein and Protein:Small Molecule Complexes, with Applications to the Inhibition of Enzymes and Protein:Protein Interactions.” (Biochemistry) Bruce R. Donald, Adviser. December 2019.

Forrest Quinn Lister Friesen

“Exclusive Photodisintegration of 3He.” (Physics) Calvin Howell, Adviser. September 2019.

Ethan Lucas Fulwood

“Lemur Teeth in Three Keys: Dietary Adaptation, Ecospace Occupation, and Macroevolutionary Dynamics.” (Evolutionary Anthropology) Douglas Boyer, Adviser. September 2019.



Michael Thomas Gaffney

“Our Ice Age: The Geohistorical Imagination in the Northern Hemisphere.” (Literature) Michael Hardt, Adviser. May 2020.

David Andres Gallegos

“Psychostimulant-Regulated Epigenetic Plasticity in Interneurons of the Nucleus Accumbens.” (Neurobiology) Anne E. West, Adviser. December 2019.

Anastasia Lauren Gant Kanegusuku

“Harnessing the Reactivity of Sulfamate Esters and Sulfamides in Photoredox-Mediated Bond-Forming Reactions.” (Chemistry) Jennifer L. Roizen, Adviser. May 2020.

Chelsea Elizabeth Conner Garber

“Essays in Low-Income Community Development.” (Economics) Patrick Bayer, Adviser. May 2020.

Evan Michael Gates

“Vinculin-mediated Mechanocoupling in Epithelial Sheet Expansion.” (Biomedical Engineering) Brenton Hoffman, Adviser. May 2020.

Shaoqing Ge

“Cognitive Function and Decline Among Older Adults: The Roles of Sensory Loss and Psychosocial Factors.” (Nursing) Eleanor S. McConnell, Adviser. September 2019.

Rudy Geelen

“Towards Simulations of Pervasive Fracture Across Structural Scales.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) John Dolbow, Adviser. May 2020.

Benjamin Ryan Geib

“Memory Encoding and Retrieval: The Role of Attention, Representations and Networks.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Roberto Cabeza and Marty Woldorff, Advisers. May 2020.

Chuhang Yin Geissler

“Essays in Urban Economics.” (Economics) Christopher Timmins, Adviser. May 2020.

Bryce Scott Gessell

“Materia Mentis: How the Brain Sculpts the Mind.” (Philosophy) Andrew Janiak, Adviser. September 2019.

John Thomas Gill

“Wild Politics: Political Imagination in German Romanticism.” (Carolina-Duke Joint Program in German Studies) Gabriel Trop, Adviser. May 2020.

Caslin Anne Gilroy

“Controlled Release Systems for Treating Type 2 Diabetes and Their Application Toward Multi-Agonist Combination Therapies.” (Biomedical Engineering) Ashutosh Chilkoti, Adviser. September 2019.

Ali Giusto

“Development and Piloting of an Intervention to Reduce Alcohol Use and Improve Family Engagement Among Fathers in Kenya.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Eve S. Puffer, Adviser. September 2019.

Nandan Satish Gokhale

N6-methyladenosine (m6A) at the RNA Virus-Host Interface.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) Stacy Horner, Adviser. December 2019.

Yidong Gong

“Beyond ‘Revolutionary Humanitarianism’: Chinese Doctors in South Sudan.” (Cultural Anthropology) Charles Piot and Ralph Litzinger, Advisers. September 2019.

Katya Gorecki

“Split Reality: Virtual Worlds of American Culture from 1692-2017.” (English) Priscilla Wald, Adviser. May 2020.

Shai Gorsky

“Nonparametric Methods for Analysis and Modeling of Complex Multivariate Distributions.” (Statistical Science) Li Ma, Adviser. May 2020.

Vinay Ramachandra Gowda

“Metasurface Apertures for Wireless Power Transfer and Computational Imaging.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) David R. Smith, Adviser. December 2019.

Alyssa Madeline Granacki

“Boccaccio's Women Philosophers: Defining Philosophy, Debating Gender in the Decameron and Beyond.” (Romance Studies) Martin Eisner, Adviser. May 2020.

George Harlin Greene

“Selective mRNA Translation during the Plant Immune Response.” (Genetics and Genomics) Xinnian Dong, Adviser. May 2020.

Lydia Kathryn Greene

“The Ecology and Evolution of the Folivore Gut Microbiome in Madagascar’s Lemurs.” (Ecology) Christine Drea, Adviser. September 2019.

Amanda Melina Grittner

“Essays in Labor Economics: Effects of Immigration Policy on Vulnerable Populations.” (Economics) Marjorie McElroy, Adviser. May 2020.

Yue Guan

“Nonlinear Behavior of Systems with Multiple Equilibria.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Lawrence N. Virgin, Adviser. September 2019.

Kelley Ann Gullo

“A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Social Relationships in Consumer Behavior.” (Business Administration) Gavan Fitzsimons and James Bettman, Advisers. May 2020.

Osman Eren Gümrükçüoğlu

Pareidolia for Clarinet / Tenor Saxophone, Percussion / Drum Set, Piano / Synthesizers, String Quartet, and Electronics; Implied Reharmonizations in Postbop Improvisations over the Twelve-Bar Blues.” (Music) John Supko, Adviser. May 2020.

Hongtao Alex Guo

“Bursting of Volatile Sessile Drops Induced by Ambient Moisture.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Chuan-Hua Chen, Adviser. May 2020.

Rahul Raj Gupta

“Essays on Entrepreneurship and Local Labor Markets.” (Business Administration) Aaron Chatterji, Adviser. May 2020.

Huseyin Gurkan

“Dynamic Mechanism Design without Money.” (Business Administration) Peng Sun, Adviser. September 2019.



David P. Hall

“Essays on Technological Change: Firm Organization, Problem Selection, and Diffusion.” (Business Administration) Victor Bennett, Adviser. May 2020.

Matthew Hambro

“Redrawing Time: Temporality in German-Language Graphic Narratives.” (Carolina Duke Program in German Studies) Ruth von Bernuth, Adviser. September 2019.

Stephanie Cheng Hammel

“Evaluating Exposures to Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds in Indoor Environments Using Silicone Wristbands.” (Environment) Heather M. Stapleton, Adviser. September 2019.

Joshua Abram John Hinds Hammer

“Achieving Dynamic Control over Cell Culture Hydrogels Using Engineered Proteins.” (Biomedical Engineering) Jennifer West, Adviser. May 2020.

Shalla Hanson

“Mathematical Modelling of Immuno-Oncology and Related Immunology.” (Mathematics) Michael C. Reed, Adviser. September 2019.

Matthew Christopher Harris

“Continents in Cognition.” (Philosophy) Andrew Janiak, Adviser. September 2019.

Shannan Lee Hayes

“An Aesthetic Disposition: Art, Social Reproduction, and Feminist Critique.” (Literature) Michael Hardt, Adviser. May 2020.

Benjamin Aaron Heebsh

“Essays on the Industrial Organization of Health Care Markets.” (Economics) Allan Collard-Wexler, Adviser. May 2020.

William Edward Heffley II

“Evidence for Reinforcement Learning Signals in the Climbing Fiber Pathway Expands the Possible Repertoire of Cerebellar Learning Rules.” (Neurobiology) Court Hull, Adviser. September 2019.

Farah Fadel Hegazi

“Authoritarian Governance and the Provision of Public Goods: Water and Wastewater Services in Egypt.” (Environmental Policy) Erika Weinthal, Adviser. December 2019.

Nicholas Trubiano Henderson

“How Yeast Cells Find Their Mates.” (Pharmacology) Daniel Lew, Adviser. December 2019.

Jeffrey Alden Hertel

“Liberating Laughter. Dramatic Satire and the German Public Sphere, 1790-1848.” (Carolina-Duke Joint Program in German Studies) Jakob Norberg, Adviser. May 2020.

David Jonathan Hicks

“Autonomous Symmetry Analysis and Structure Prototyping for Materials Discovery.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Stefano Curtarolo, Adviser. December 2019.

Alyson Marie Hoffman

“Macromolecular Organization of the Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum During Homeostasis and Stress.” (Biochemistry) Christopher Nicchitta, Adviser. September 2019.

Jacob Peter Hoj

“The Characterization of Tyrosine Kinase-Dependent Signaling Networks Required for Lung Cancer Brain Metastasis.” (Molecular Cancer Biology) Ann Marie Pendergast, Adviser. May 2020.

Peter Horvath

“Econometric Methods for Expected Shortfall and Value-at-Risk.” (Economics) Andrew Patton, Adviser. May 2020.

Xiaoyang Serene Hu

“Concentration-dependent Recruitment of Mammalian Odorant Receptors.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) Hiroaki Matsunami, Adviser. September 2019.

Weifeng Huang

“Accurate and Efficient Methods for the Scattering Simulation of Dielectric Objects in a Layered Medium.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Qing Huo Liu, Adviser. December 2019.

Zhiqin Huang

“Metamaterial Waveguide Holography and Optical Bistability.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) David R. Smith, Adviser. December 2019.

Kelly T. Hughes

“Fates of HIV-infected Renal Epithelial Cells Following Virus Acquisition from Infected Macrophages.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) Mary Klotman, Adviser. May 2020.

Samuel William Hulbert

“Using Genetically Modified Mutant Mice to Model Autism Spectrum Disorder and Determine Its Developmental Pathogenesis.” (Neurobiology) Yong-hui Jiang, Adviser. December 2019.

Carla Hung

“The Politics of Asylum Among Eritrean Refugees in Italy.” (Cultural Anthropology) Engseng Ho, Adviser. September 2019.

Elizabeth White Hunsaker

“Insight into the Role of Metal Homeostasis in Fungal Adaptation to Drug Stress.” (Chemistry) Katherine J. Franz, Adviser. December 2019.

Andrew Ryan Hutchins

“Machine Learning Applications for Objectively Assessing Surgical Skill and Instrument Dynamics.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Brian P. Mann, Adviser. September 2019.



Laurel Marie Iber

“Troubles in Representation: (Con)figuring Non-Binary Sex in Nineteenth-Century French Literature, Art, and Medicine.” (Romance Studies) David Bell and Anne-Gaëlle Saliot, Advisers. May 2020.

Alexandros Stavros Iliopoulos

“All-Near-Neighbor Search Among High-Dimensional Data via Hierarchical Sparse Graph Code Filtering.” (Computer Science) Xiaobai Sun, Adviser. May 2020.



Joshua Abraham Jacobs

“Essays on Dynamic Game Theory.” (Economics) Curtis Taylor, Adviser. May 2020.

Michael Alan Jauch

“Random Orthogonal Matrices with Applications in Statistics.” (Statistical Science) Peter Hoff, Adviser. September 2019.

Steven Tyrell Jefferson

“Race, Gender and Perceived Barriers: How Beliefs About the Opportunity Structure Shape Postsecondary Pathways.” (Sociology) Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Adviser. May 2020.

Patrick James Jensen

“Accelerated Multi-Criterial Optimization in Radiation Therapy using Voxel-Wise Dose Prediction.” (Medical Physics) Q. Jackie Wu, Adviser. May 2020.

Janice Hyeju Jeong

“Between Shanghai and Mecca: Diaspora and Diplomacy of Chinese Muslims in the Twentieth Century.” (History) Engseng Ho, Adviser. December 2019.

Li-Feng Jiang-Xie

“A Shared Neural Substrate for Diverse General Anesthetics and Sleep.” (Neurobiology) Fan Wang, Adviser. September 2019.

Miaomiao Jin

“Role of Mouse Visual Cortex in Perception of Stimulus Features.” (Neurobiology) Lindsey Glickfeld, Adviser. December 2019.

Ye Jin

“Quantum Chemistry: from Theory to Application.” (Chemistry) David N. Beratan and Weitao Yang, Advisers. September 2019.

Rashmi Joglekar

“The Epigenetic and Neurodevelopmental Consequences of Maternal Tobacco Smoke Exposure.” (Environment) Joel Meyer, Adviser. December 2019.



Bada Kang

“A Mixed Methods Study of Behavioral Symptoms of Dementia among Older Veterans with and without Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Residential Long-Term Care Settings.” (Nursing) Eleanor S. McConnell, Adviser. May 2020.

Tzu-Tong Kao

“Evolution and Diversification of Farinose Ferns in Xeric Environments: A Case Study Using Notholaena standleyi Maxon as a Model.” (Biology) Kathleen M. Pryer, Adviser. May 2020.

Weiyao Ke

“Partonic Transport Model Application to Heavy Flavor.” (Physics) Steffen A. Bass, Adviser. September 2019.

Matthew Gene Kearney

“An Actor-Critic Circuit in the Songbird Enables Vocal Learning.” (Neurobiology) Richard Mooney, Adviser. May 2020.

Daniel Patrick Keeley

“Regulation of Basement Membrane Composition and Dynamics during Organ Growth and Tissue Adhesion.” (Biology) David R. Sherwood, Adviser. December 2019.

Stephanie Marie Fogerson Keeley

“Genetic, Genomic, and Biophysical Investigations on the Robust Nature of Morphogenesis: A Study of Drosophila Dorsal Closure.” (Biology) Daniel P. Kiehart, Adviser. May 2020.

Jacqueline A. Kellish

“Experiments in Violence: The Problem of Oppositional Politics in Late Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Fiction.” (English) Nancy Armstrong, Adviser. May 2020.

Joshua Michael Khani

“Cortical and Thalamic Representations of Artificial Sensation Projected onto Primary Somatosensory Cortex.” (Biomedical Engineering) Miguel A. L. Nicolelis, Adviser. May 2020.

Nana Kim

“Mechanistic Analysis of Gold(I) Catalysis through Generation and Direct Observation of Reactive Intermediate Analogues.” (Chemistry) Ross A. Widenhoefer, Adviser. December 2019.

Amy Elizabeth King

“Multinomial Probabilistic Modeling for Decompression Sickness using Gas Content and Bubble Volume Models.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Laurens Howle, Adviser. May 2020.

Ewan David Kingston

“Bad Goods: On the Political Morality of Production and Consumption in Global Supply Chains.” (Philosophy) Wayne Norman, Adviser. December 2019.

Tyler Steven Klann

“Development of High-throughput Methods for Screening the Non-coding Genome.” (Biomedical Engineering) Charles A. Gersbach, Adviser. December 2019.

Daniel Dewran Kocak

“Genome Engineering Tools to Dissect Gene Regulation.” (Biomedical Engineering) Charles A. Gersbach, Adviser. December 2019.

Stephanie Elizabeth Komoski

“Judgments of Others' Trait Self-Control.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Rick H. Hoyle, Adviser. December 2019.

Ios Kotsogiannis

“Query Answering in Multi-Relational Databases Under Differential Privacy.” (Computer Science) Ashwin Machanavajjhala, Adviser. September 2019.

Christopher Kozlowski

“Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Retinal Neuron Spatial Patterning.” (Neurobiology) Jeremy Kay, Adviser. December 2019.

Kai Mbali Kruger Bastos

“Computational Studies of Buffet and Fluid-Structure Interaction in Various Flow Regimes.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Earl Dowell, Adviser. May 2020.

Matthew Ryan Kubic

“The Benefits of Mandatory Disclosure: Evidence from Regulation S-X Article 11.” (Business Administration) Katherine Schipper and William Mayew, Advisers. May 2020.

Jennifer Boae Kwon

“Genome Engineering in Stem Cells for Skeletal Muscle Regeneration.” (Genetics and Genomics) Charles A. Gersbach, Adviser. May 2020.



Jeffrey Michael LaComb

“Asymptotic Analysis and Rare Event Simulation for Failure Probabilities in Discrete Random Media.” (Mathematics) Jianfeng Lu, Adviser. September 2019.

Patrick Stephenson Lang

“A God in the Mechanism: German Language Theater and the Atomic Bomb, 1945-65.” (Carolina Duke Program in German Studies) Jakob Norberg, Adviser. September 2019.

Benjamin A. LaRiviere

“Spatially Resolved Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy of Intestinal Tissue Using Concentric Silicon Thin Film Photodiode Arrays.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Nan M. Jokerst, Adviser. September 2019.

Isaac Samuel Lavine

“Bayesian Computation for Variable Selection and Multivariate Forecasting in Dynamic Models.” (Statistical Science) Mike West, Adviser. May 2020.

Andrew Kang-Kang Lee

“Endogenous Retroviruses as a Key Modulator of Immune Response to Cancer Therapies.” (Pharmacology) Chuan-Yuan Li, Adviser. May 2020.

Honggi Lee

“Essays on Knowledge Spillovers and Transfer of Technical Knowledge.” (Business Administration) Sharon Belenzon, Adviser. May 2020.

Hyunji Lee

“Design and Synthesis of Natural and Unnatural Macrocycles.” (Chemistry) Jiyong Hong, Adviser. December 2019.

Michael William Lee

“On Improving the Predictable Accuracy of Reduced-order Models for Fluid Flows.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Earl Dowell, Adviser. May 2020.

Jessica Charlene Leete

“Sex-specific Computational Models of Blood Pressure Regulation.” (Computational Biology and Bioinformatics) Anita Layton, Adviser. May 2020.

Vuk Lesi

“Design of Secure and Safe Cyber-Physical Systems.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Miroslav Pajic, Adviser. December 2019.

Junfei Li

“Highly Efficient Wavefront Transformation with Acoustic Metasurfaces.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Steven Cummer, Adviser. May 2020.

Xiaohan Li

“Coded Memory Effect Imaging.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Michael E. Gehm, Adviser. September 2019.

Yitong Li

“Learning to Transfer Knowledge from Multiple Sources of Electrophysiological Signals.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Lawrence Carin and David Carlson, Advisers. May 2020.

Mengke Lian

“Belief Propagation with Deep Unfolding for High-dimensional Inference in Communication Systems.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Henry Pfister, Adviser. December 2019.

Kevin J Liang

“Deep Automatic Threat Recognition: Considerations for Airport X-Ray Baggage Screening.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Lawrence Carin, Adviser. May 2020.

Wenxi Liao

“Innovation and Asset Prices.” (Business Administration) Ravi Bansal, Adviser. May 2020.

Seth Francis Roller Ligo

“Fear and Fruition: Bhairava in Text, Art, and Practice.” (Religion) Leela Prasad, Advisor. December 2019.

Kevin Hao-Yu Lin

“Using CRISPR/Cas9 Screens to Define Organizing Principles that Govern Drug Sensitivity in Acute Myeloid Leukemia.” (Pharmacology) Kris Wood, Adviser. September 2019.

Rong-Chien Lin

“Evolution and Genetics of Floral Color Polymorphisms in Clarkia gracilis ssp. sonomensis and Erythronium umbilicatum.” (Biology) Mark Rausher, Adviser. May 2020.

Yangju Lin

“Molecular-Level Engineering of Stress-Responsive Materials.” (Chemistry) Stephen Craig, Adviser. May 2020.

Yufei Lin

“Soft Risk Disclosure with Feedback Effect.” (Business Administration) Qi Chen, Adviser. May 2020.

Jared Andrew Little

“Parametric Identification of Delay Systems from Empirical Stability Information.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Brian P. Mann, Adviser. December 2019.

Antong Liu

“The Modernization of Honor in Eighteenth-Century Political Theory.” (Political Science) Ruth W. Grant, Adviser. September 2019.

Chi Liu

“Tunable Electronic Excitations in Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Materials: Ground-State and Many-Body Perturbation Approaches.” (Chemistry) Volker Blum, Adviser. September 2019.

Howard Liu

“The Politics of Protest and State Repression in Authoritarian Regimes.” (Political Science) Kyle Beardsley, Adviser. September 2019.

Zhao Liu

“Essays in Quantitative Economics.” (Economics) Craig Burnside, Adviser. May 2020.

Willie Jie Long

“Backscatter Spatial Coherence for Ultrasonic Image Quality Characterization: Theory and Applications.” (Biomedical Engineering) Gregg Trahey, Adviser. May 2020.

Sean Michael Lonnquist

“The Influence of Legal and Regulatory Context on Perceptions of Hydraulic Fracturing Risks.” (Environment) Deborah Rigling Gallagher, Adviser. May 2020.

Kuan-Yi Lu

Plasmodium falciparum Chaperones and Stress Response.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) Emily Derbyshire, Adviser. May 2020.

Nicholas Adam Lusk

“Mediodorsal Thalamus Contributes to the Timing of Instrumental Actions.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Henry Yin, Adviser. May 2020.



Anyi Ma

“The Motivation-Influence-Ability (MIA) Model of Agency for Gender and Leadership.” (Business Administration) Ashleigh Rosette, Adviser. May 2020.

John Rajiv Malik

“A Geometric Approach to Biomedical Time Series Analysis.” (Mathematics) Hau-tieng Wu, Adviser. May 2020.

Varun Mallampalli

“Essays on Theoretical Methods for Environmental and Developmental Economics Policy Analysis.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Mark Borsuk, Adviser. May 2020.

John McDevitt Mallard

“Hydrologic Functioning of Low-Relief, Deep Soil Watersheds and Hydrologic Legacies of Intensive Agriculture in the Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory, South Carolina, USA.” (Environment) Brian McGlynn, Adviser. May 2020.

Lisa Nicole Mansfield

“Social Determinants of HPV Vaccine Completion among Adolescents.” (Nursing) Rosa Gonzalez-Guarda, Adviser. May 2020.

Mao Mao

“Biologically Improved Electrotransfection for Gene Delivery and Genome Editing.” (Biomedical Engineering) Fan Yuan, Adviser. December 2019.

Georgios Mappouras

“Integrating Computer Architecture and Coding Theory to Advance Emerging Memory Technologies.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Daniel J. Sorin, Adviser. May 2020.

Sara Victoria Maurer

“Dietary Choline, Inflammation, and Neuroprotection Across the Lifespan.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Christina Williams, Adviser. May 2020.

Devin Hillman McCarthy

“Resisting the Partisan Temptation: Public Opinion on Election Laws in a Polarized Era.” (Political Science) Christopher Johnston, Adviser. May 2020.

Kevin Andrew McHugh

“Large Deflection Inextensible Beams and Plates and their Responses to Nonconservative Forces: Theory and Computations.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Earl Dowell, Adviser. May 2020.

Kenneth Zachery McKenna

“The Physiological Basis of Developmental Plasticity.” (Biology) H. Frederik Nijhout, Adviser. December 2019.

Edgar Mauricio Medina Tovar

“The Animal-fungi Hybrid Cell Cycle of the Zoosporic Fungus Spizellomyces punctatus - a New Model to Understand Evolution of Eukaryotic Cell Cycle Control.” (Genetics and Genomics) Nicolas E. Buchler, Adviser. September 2019.

Sarah Angelina Memmi

“The Benefits of Budgeting Time First for Multiple Goal Setting and Pursuit.” (Business Administration) Jordan Etkin, Adviser. May 2020.

Romel Ivan Menacho Melgar

“Overcoming Long-Standing Challenges in Recombinant Protein Expression.” (Biomedical Engineering) Michael Lynch, Adviser. May 2020.

Rebecca Mendelson

“Fierce Practice, Courageous Spirit, and Spiritual Cultivation: The Rise of Lay Rinzai Zen in Modern Japan.” (Religion) Richard Jaffe, Adviser. May 2020.

Fatma Derya Mentes

“Governing the Air: Regulation of Commercial Aviation in the Middle East.” (Cultural Anthropology) Engseng Ho, Adviser. May 2020.

Ashton Wynette Bagley Merck

“The Fox Guarding the Henhouse: Coregulation and Consumer Protection in Food Safety, 1946 – 2002.” (History) Edward Balleisen, Adviser. May 2020.

Friedolin Merhout

“Consequences and Corrections of Misperceptions in Intergroup Relations.” (Sociology) Christopher Bail, Adviser. September 2019.

Joshua Edward Messinger

“Transcriptomic and Metabolic Heterogeneity during Epstein-Barr Virus Latency Establishment.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) Micah Luftig, Adviser. December 2019.

Yasha Miami

“Essays on Information Economics.” (Economics) Attila Ambrus, Adviser. September 2019.

Shane Henry Miller

“Essays on the Temporal Structure of Risk.” (Business Administration) Ravi Bansal, Adviser. May 2020.

Aaron Michael Mitchell-Dick

“Effects of Prolonged Mitosis on Neural Stem Cells in vivo During Development.” (Cell Biology) Debra Silver, Adviser. May 2020.

Jeffrey Thomas Mohl

“Multisensory Integration, Segregation, and Causal Inference in the Superior Colliculus.” (Neurobiology) Jennifer Groh, Adviser. May 2020.

Zachary Adam Monge

“Age-Related Differences in Mnemonic Neural Representations: Perceptual and Semantic Contributions.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Roberto Cabeza, Adviser. May 2020.

Kelly Renee Moran

“Advances in Bayesian Factor Modeling and Scalable Gaussian Process Regression.” (Statistical Science) Amy Herring, Adviser. May 2020.

Matthew Robert Morgan

“Covariance Decomposition of Ultrasonic Backscatter: Application to Estimation-based Image Formation.” (Biomedical Engineering) Gregg Trahey and William Walker, Advisers. May 2020.

Mohammad Mubeen Mosaheb

“Genetically Stable Poliovirus Vectors Activate Dendritic Cells and Prime Antitumor CD8 T Cell Immunity.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) Matthias Gromeier, Adviser. December 2019.

Hannah Alicia Moshontz de la Rocha

“Understanding Ordinary Goal Pursuit: Describing and Predicting Success in New Year’s Resolutions.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Rick H. Hoyle, Adviser. May 2020.

Casey Joseph Moure

“IDH1 R132H Mutations Actively Contribute to the Epigenetic State of Glioma Cells.” (Pathology) Hai Yan, Adviser. September 2019.

Sean Michael Murray

“Accelerated Motion Planning Through Hardware/Software Co-Design.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Daniel J. Sorin, Adviser. September 2019.



Christian Clark Nadell

“Dynamic Metamaterials for Far-Infrared Imaging and Spectroscopy.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Willie J. Padilla, Adviser. September 2019.

Luis Alexander Navarro

“Synthesis and Grafting To of Biomimetic Bottlebrush Polymers.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Stefan Zauscher, Adviser. May 2020.

Sonia Devdutt Nayak

“Cruel Operators: History, Empire, and Affect in the Global Anglophone Novel.” (English) Aarthi Vadde, Adviser. May 2020.

Julie Nicole Newberry

“You Will Have Joy and Gladness: A Narrative Analysis of the Conditions that Lead to Lukan Joy.” (Religion) C. Kavin Rowe, Adviser. May 2020.

Jeffrey Edward Nicolaisen

“Equality of Life: Thinking with Multi-Species Relationships in Taiwan.” (Religion) Hwansoo Kim, Adviser. December 2019.

Kent Windsor Nixon

“Secure and Power-Efficient Computing on Mobile Platforms.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Yiran Chen, Adviser. December 2019.

Zachary Lee Nolan

“Essays on the Industrial Organization of Telecommunications Markets.” (Economics) Allan Collard-Wexler, Adviser. May 2020.

Danton Roberto Noriega-Goodwin

“Doubled SNAP Dollars and Nudges: An Analysis of Two Pilot Programs Aimed at Increasing the Purchase of Healthy Foods.” (Public Policy) Anna Gassman-Pines and Matthew Harding, Advisers. September 2019.

Chase Lemond Nuñez

“Forecasted Afrotropical Forest Responses to Climate Change Diverge from Neotropical Predictions with Consequences for Biodiversity Conservation and Carbon Storage.” (Ecology) John R. Poulsen, Adviser. September 2019.

Nora Irene Nunn

“Engendering Genocide: Representations of Violence in the Long Twentieth Century.” (English) Priscilla Wald, Adviser. May 2020.

Tinashe Edward Nyanhete

“Mechanisms of Immune Control in HIV-1 Virus Controllers.” (Immunology) Georgia Tomaras, Adviser. May 2020.



Rudolf-Harri Oberg

“Essays on Quantitative Marketing and Empirical Industrial Organization.” (Economics) Carl Mela, Adviser. May 2020.

Andrey Ordin

“Policy Implications of Auction Design for Imperfectly Competitive Markets.” (Economics) James Roberts, Adviser. May 2020.

Erika Ordog

“Minimal Resolutions of Monomial Ideals.” (Mathematics) Ezra Miller, Adviser. May 2020.

Guillermo Alexis Ortuno Crespo

“Opportunities for Enhancing an Ecosystem-based Approach to Pelagic Fisheries Management in the High Seas.” (Marine Science and Conservation) Patrick Halpin, Adviser. May 2020.

Yuxin Ouyang

for String Quartet; Extrication for Clarinet, Percussion, Violin and Cello; and Qigang Chen’s Approach to Pentatonicism in Reflet D’un Temps Disparu and Luan Tan.” (Music) Scott Lindroth, Adviser. May 2020.



Emily Lambright Pakhtigian

“Air Pollution, Water, and Sanitation: Household Response to Environmental Risk.” (Public Policy) Subhrendu Pattanayak, Adviser. May 2020.

Sasha Ann Panaram

“The Space in Between: Middle Passage Movement and Black Women's Literature.” (English) Tsitsi Jaji, Adviser. May 2020.

Razvan Ioan Panea

“A Cloud-Based Infrastructure for Cancer Genomics.” (Computational Biology and Bioinformatics) Sandeep Dave, Adviser. May 2020.

Wubin Pang

“Optical Design for Parallel Cameras.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) David Brady, Adviser. May 2020.

Hyeyoung Park

“Using Life Course Perspective in Making Health Care Decisions in Later Life Among Older Korean Immigrants.” (Nursing) Cristina C. Hendrix, Adviser. September 2019.

Jieun Park

“Investigating the Molecular Mechanisms of Protein Absorption in the Vertebrate Gut by Lysosome Rich Enterocytes.” (Molecular Cancer Biology) Michel Bagnat, Adviser. May 2020.

Andrew Ryan Passer

“Diversity of Species and Sexual Reproduction in the Fungal Genus Cryptococcus.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) Joseph Heitman, Adviser. September 2019.

Sayan Patra

“Constrained Bayesian Inference through Posterior Projection with Applications.” (Statistical Science) David B. Dunson, Adviser. September 2019.

Sarah Elizabeth Ritchey Patterson

“Extensions of the Immersed Interface Method to Open Tube Interfaces and Hemodynamic Models.” (Mathematics) Anita Layton, Adviser. September 2019.

Nicole Amelia Pelot

“Quantifying the Effects of Kilohertz Frequency Electrical Signals on Small Autonomic Nerve Fibers: Computational Modeling and in vivo Electrophysiology AKA Applying Fast Signals to Slow Nerves.” (Biomedical Engineering) Warren M. Grill, Adviser. September 2019.

Bernadette Alyce Perchalski

“Descending Locomotion in Primates.” (Evolutionary Anthropology) Douglas Boyer, Adviser. September 2019.

Emily Rachel Persons

“School Closings, Openings and Restructurings: Implications for Schools and Neighborhoods.” (Sociology) Martin Ruef and Angel Harris, Advisers. May 2020.

Elijah Anderson Petter

“The Role of Dopamine in Operant Learning.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Henry Yin, Adviser. May 2020.

John Paul Powers

“Emotion Regulation Through Distancing: Developing a Novel Neurocognitive Model.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Kevin S. LaBar, Adviser. September 2019.

Katherine Margaret Price

“On the Impact and Growth of Plasma-enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition High-ҡ Dielectrics on 2D Crystals.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Aaron Franklin, Adviser. September 2019.



Anastasia Compton Eluned Quintana

“A Spark for Collective Action: Challenges and Opportunities for Self-governance in Temporary Fisher-designed Fish Refuges in Mexico.” (Marine Science and Conservation) Xavier Basurto Guillermo, Adviser. May 2020.



Renee Michelle Ragin

“Dwelling in the Barzakh: Mad Archives of the Lebanese Civil War.” (Literature) Miriam Cooke and Ranjana Khanna, Advisers. May 2020.

Jane Lynne Ralphe

“Temperature Instability Over Time and Respiratory Morbidity in the Very Premature Infant.” (Nursing) Debra Brandon, Adviser. May 2020.

Christopher Bautista Ramos

“Disorientations: Experimental Form in Asian American Literature.” (English) Priscilla Wald, Adviser. December 2019.

Maria Cristina Ramos Flor

“Identities and Meaning Structures.” (Sociology) James Moody and Lynn Smith-Lovin, Advisers. May 2020.

Joshua Brimhall Rasmussen

“College Enrollment, Graduation, and Financing: The Role of Parental Income and Wealth.” (Economics) V. Joseph Hotz, Adviser. September 2019.

Margaret Suzanne Hamilton Reif

“Disruptive Organizers: Wild Children in German Realism (1850-1900).” (Carolina-Duke Joint Program in German Studies) Eric Downing, Adviser. May 2020.

Narayanan Rengaswamy

“Classical Coding Approaches to Quantum Applications.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Henry Pfister and Arthur Calderbank, Advisers. May 2020.

Ben James Richardson

“Objective Poetics: Victorian Literature and the Aesthetics of Science.” (English) Kathy Psomiades, Adviser. May 2020.

Jacqueline Renée Rifkin

“Putting ‘Time’ Back in ‘Me-Time’: Exploring the Relationships between Time Perceptions, Self-Gifting, and Well-Being.” (Business Administration) Keisha Cutright and James Bettman, Advisers. May 2020.

Joshua Griffin Rivenbark

“How Social Status Permeates Inequalities in Health: Three Studies on Experiences of Social Disadvantage.” (Public Policy) Candice Odgers and Kathryn Whetten, Advisers. May 2020.

Cole Alexander Rizki

“State Violence and Transgender Cultural Politics in Post-Dictatorship Argentina.” (Literature) Robyn Wiegman and Antonio Viego, Advisers. May 2020.

Jordan Paul Roberts

“State Preferences, Viable Alternatives, and Covert Action.” (Political Science) Kyle Beardsley, Adviser. May 2020.

Hannah Lee Rogers

“More Than a Feeling: How the Nineteenth-Century British Novel Reformed the Passions.” (English) Nancy Armstrong and Kathy Psomiades, Advisers. May 2020.

Adrienne Lynn Romer

“Identifying Neural, Genetic, and Behavioral Correlates of the p Factor.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Ahmad Hariri, Adviser. September 2019.

Rosalia Romero

“Anarchism and Visual Culture in Greater Mexico, 1910-1950.” (Art, Art History, and Visual Studies) Esther Gabara, Adviser. December 2019.

Weston Allan Ross

“Adaptive Control of Volumetric Laser Photoblation Surgery (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Patrick Codd, Adviser. September 2019.

Cullen Jon Navarre Roth

“Genome-wide Analyses of Recombination and the Genetic Architecture of Virulence Traits in Cryptococcus.” (Genetics and Genomics) Paul Magwene, Adviser. May 2020.

Yair Yitzhak Rubinstein

“The Logistical Mode of Production: Logistics as a Total Way of Life.” (Literature) Michael Hardt, Adviser. May 2020.

Nicolás Sánchez-Rodríguez

“The Minted-City: Money, Value, and Crises of Representation in Nineteenth-Century Colombia (1822-1903).” (Romance Studies) Richard Rosa, Adviser. May 2020.



Sydney Morgan Sanderson

“Characterization of Gene-Environment Interactions that Govern Metabolic Adaptation.” (Pharmacology) Jason Locasale, Adviser. December 2019.

Scott Arthur Scarneo

“Pharmacological Inhibition of TAK1 as a Therapeutic Target to Reduce Inflammation and Pain.” (Pharmacology) Timothy Haystead and Andrea Nackley, Advisers. May 2020.

Jonathan Drew Schaefer

“GxE = ‘p’? Using Hierarchical Measures of Psychopathology to Capture the Effects of Environmental Stressors and Gene-Environment Interplay.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Terrie Moffitt, Adviser. September 2019.

Teilo Heinz Dietrich Schaller

“Bench to Bedside: A Bispecific Antibody for Treating Brain Tumors.” (Pathology) John H. Sampson, Adviser. December 2019.

Jewel L. Scott

“Social Contributors to the Cardiovascular Health of Young Adult Black Women.” (Nursing) Rosa Gonzalez-Guarda and Leigh Ann Simmons, Advisers. May 2020.

Matthew Alexander Scult

“The Role of Cognitive Deficits in Vulnerability to Depression and Anxiety: An Individual Differences and Neuroimaging Approach (Psychology and Neuroscience) Timothy Strauman, Adviser. September 2019.

Nura Ahmad Sediqe

“Ummah: The Identity Negotiations of Muslims in the United States.” (Political Science) Paula D. McClain, Adviser. September 2019.

Karl Matthew Seltzer

“Long-Term Ambient Ozone Exposure: Magnitude, Trends, and Impacts.” (Earth and Ocean Sciences) Drew Shindell, Adviser. December 2019.

Andrew Michael Seredinski

“Interference Effects in Graphene Josephson Junctions Subject to Magnetic Field.” (Physics) Gleb Finkelstein, Adviser. May 2020.

Shalin Shah

“Programming DNA for Molecular-Scale Temporal Barcoding and Enzymatic Computation.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) John Reif, Adviser. May 2020.

Shan Shan

“Probabilistic Models on Fibre Bundles.” (Mathematics) Ingrid Daubechies, Adviser. September 2019.

Dinghan Shen

“Deep Latent-Variable Models for Natural Language Understanding and Generation.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Lawrence Carin, Adviser. May 2020.

Melanie Ann Short

“Harnessing the Reactivity of Sulfamate Esters and Sulfamides to Enable Position-Selective C-H Halogenation Processes.” (Chemistry) Jennifer L. Roizen, Adviser. September 2019.

Gleb Sinev

“Constraining Non-Standard Neutrino Interactions and Estimating Future Neutrino-Magnetic-Moment Sensitivity With COHERENT.” (Physics) Kate Scholberg, Adviser. May 2020.

Yasmine Singh

“Goddess in Flux: Devotional Intimacy and Everyday Life at a Regional Indian Pilgrimage Site.” (Religion) Leela Prasad, Adviser. September 2019.

Latasha Lynn Smith

“Environmental Toxicant Effects on the Dopaminergic System in the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans: Strengths and Limitations of Various Approaches to Analysis.” (Pharmacology) Joel Meyer, Adviser. September 2019.

Nicole Chanel Solomon

“Extending Probabilistic Record Linkage.” (Biostatistics and Bioinformatics ) Sean O'Brien, Adviser. May 2020.

Jacob Guion Wade Soule

“The City Novel After the City: Planetary Metropolis, World Literature.” (Literature) Michael Hardt, Adviser. December 2019.

Jeremy Samuel Spater

“Identities, Proximity, and Mobilization in Indian Slum Neighborhoods.” (Political Science) Erik Wibbels, Adviser. December 2019.

Aarthi Sridhar

“Modeling and Probabilistic Optimization of Rolling Isolation System for Seismic Hazard Mitigation.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Henri P. Gavin, Adviser. September 2019.

Jessica Quick Stark

“Picturing Poetics: Seriality, Comics, and the Cartoon in US Experimental Poetry.” (English) Priscilla Wald, Adviser. May 2020.

Nivedhitha Subramanian

“Essays in Empirical Development Economics.” (Public Policy) Manoj Mohanan, Adviser. May 2020.

Janani Sundararajan

“Mechanisms of Movement-Related Changes in Auditory Detection.” (Neurobiology) Richard Mooney, Adviser. September 2019.

Joseph D. Swinney

“Conservatism and Culture: The Transformation of the U.S. Army After Vietnam.” (History) Dirk Bönker, Adviser. September 2019.

Eric Stephen Szymanski

“DNA Conformational Equilibria in Replication Fidelity.” (Biochemistry) Hashim M. Al-Hashimi, Adviser. September 2019.



Jun Jie Eugene Tan

“Essays in Macroeconomics and Entrepreneurship.” (Economics) Andrea Lanteri, Adviser. September 2019.

Tao Tang

“Forcing, Precipitation and Cloud Responses to Individual Forcing Agents.” (Earth and Ocean Sciences) Drew Shindell, Adviser. May 2020.

Matthew Braxton Tedesco

“Aeroelastic Modeling of Blade Vibration and its Effect on the Trim and Optimal Performance of Helicopter Rotors using a Harmonic Balance Approach.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Kenneth Hall, Adviser. May 2020.

Ruijie Darius Teo

“Biological Charge Transfer in Redox Regulation and Signaling.” (Chemistry) David N. Beratan, Adviser. May 2020.

Kyle Thicke

“Accelerating the Computation of Density Functional Theory's Correlation Energy under Random Phase Approximations.” (Mathematics) Jianfeng Lu, Adviser. September 2019.

Romina Eliana Tomé

“Three Essays on Pre-natal Experiences and Human Capital Accumulation.” (Public Policy) Marcos Rangel, Adviser. May 2020.

Guangyu Tong

“Topics in Selective Migration and Economic Assimilation of New Immigrants.” (Sociology) Angel Harris, Adviser. May 2020.

Do Tran

“Sampling from Stratified Spaces.” (Mathematics) Ezra Miller, Adviser. May 2020.

Thomas Huong Tran

“Secondary Terms in Asymptotics for the Number of Zeros of Quadratic Forms.” (Mathematics) Jayce Getz, Adviser. May 2020.

Isak Dwyer Tranvik

“Beyond Moderation: The Politics of Nonviolence in a Violent World.” (Political Science) Jack Knight, Adviser. May 2020.

Vinay Tripuraneni

“Interrogating Chromatin Dynamics Surrounding a DNA Double-Strand Break and Ensuing Non-Homologous End-Joining Mediated Repair.” (Pharmacology) David M. MacAlpine, Adviser. May 2020.

Amalia Anne Turner

“Particle Attachment Efficiency: Investigations into a Functional Assay to Predict Mobility and Plant Accumulation of Nanoparticles in Soils.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Mark R. Wiesner, Adviser. December 2019.

Phillip John Turner

“The Importance of Biodiversity in Deep-Sea Chemosynthetic Ecosystems: An Assessment of Ecosystem Functioning and Services.” (Marine Science and Conservation) Cindy L. Van Dover, Adviser. September 2019.



Sungwoo Um

“The Virtues of Intimate Relationships.” (Philosophy) Owen Flanagan and Gopal Sreenivasan, Advisers. September 2019.

Zimife Uchechukwu Umeh

“Gender, Institutions, and Punishment: Examining the Experiences of Formerly Incarcerated Women.” (Sociology) Martin Ruef, Adviser. May 2020.



Lauren Ashley Valentino

“What is a ‘Good’ Job? Cultural Logics of Occupational Prestige.” (Sociology) Stephen Vaisey, Adviser. September 2019.

Christine Vazquez

“Novel Mechanisms of Antiviral Innate Immune Regulation by the Hepatitis C virus NS3-NS4A Protease.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) Stacy Horner, Adviser. December 2019.

Diana Vera Cruz

“Understanding the Interplay Between Viral and Host Dynamics.” (Computational Biology and Bioinformatics) Katharina Koelle, Adviser. May 2020.

Tauras Patrick Vilgalys

“Evolution of Gene Regulation in Papio Baboons.” (Evolutionary Anthropology) Jenny Tung, Adviser. December 2019.

Khoi Dai Vo

“Evaluating the Role of Attention in Decision Making.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Scott Huettel and Marty Woldorff, Advisers. May 2020.

Jan P. Vogler

“The Political Economy of Public Bureaucracy: The Emergence of Modern Administrative Organizations.” (Political Science) Mathew D. McCubbins, Adviser. September 2019.

Savannah James Volkoff

“Engineering a Biofilm for the Biodegradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Estuarine Sediment.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Claudia K. Gunsch, Adviser. September 2019.

Heidi Vreeland

“Filter Sampling of Particulate Matter in Exposure-relevant Settings.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Michael H. Bergin, Adviser. December 2019.



Kathryn Katsue Walder-Christensen

“Giant Ankyrins Awake: Select Roles of Giant Ankyrins in Axons of the Central Nervous System.” (Cell Biology) Vann Bennett, Adviser. September 2019.

Andrea Nicole Walens

“The Role of the Tumor Microenvironment in Breast Cancer Dormancy and Recurrence.” (Molecular Cancer Biology) James Alvarez, Advisor. September 2019.

Brett Walenz

“Perturbation Analysis of Database Queries.” (Computer Science) Jun Yang, Adviser. September 2019.

Heather Marie Wallace

“The Other's Freedom: Existential Vulnerability in the Philosophy of Simone de Beauvoir.” (Philosophy) Toril Moi and Owen Flanagan, Advisers. May 2020.

Erin Galgay Walsh

“Sanctifying Boldness: New Testament Women in Narsai, Jacob of Serugh, and Romanos Melodos.” (Religion) Lucas Van Rompay, Adviser. September 2019.

Guoyin Wang

“Applications of Deep Representation Learning to Natural Language Processing and Satellite Imagery.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) David Carlson and Lawrence Carin, Advisers. May 2020.

Jing Wang

“Person-Centered Care of Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment and Their Care Partners: Cultural Relevance and Dyadic Experience in China.” (Nursing) Kirsten N. Corazzini, Adviser. September 2019.

Jingjing Wang

“Function and Molecular Biology of the MEGF10 Cell Surface Protein in Retinal Neurons and Glia.” (Neurobiology) Jeremy Kay, Adviser. September 2019.

Wen Wang

“Environmental Gentrification.” (Economics) Christopher Timmins, Adviser. May 2020.

Wenlin Wang

“Deep Generative Models for Vision, Languages and Graphs.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Lawrence Carin, Adviser. September 2019.

Ziyi Wang

“Quantitative Hyperpolarized 129Xe Gas exchange MRI: Development and Applications.” (Biomedical Engineering) Bastiaan Driehuys, Adviser. May 2020.

Kena Navin Wani

“Remaking Capital: Business, Technology and Development Ambitions in Twentieth-Century Western India.” (History) Sumathi Ramaswamy, Adviser. May 2020.

Ceri Joanna Weber

“Initiation and Maintenance of Temperature-Dependent Sex Determination in the Red-Eared Slider Turtle.” (Cell Biology) Blanche Capel, Adviser. May 2020.

Wei Wen

“Efficient and Scalable Deep Learning.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Hai Li, Adviser. December 2019.

Joshua D. Wheaton

“Control of Regulatory T Cell Functional Specialization by AP-1 Transcription Factors.” (Immunology) Maria Ciofani, Adviser. December 2019.

Matthew Steven Whitehouse Gordillo

“Fictional Timing: Neoliberalism and Time in the Contemporary Latin American Novel.” (Romance Studies) Richard Rosa, Adviser. May 2020.

Ashley Marie Wilson

“Separable Codes for Read-Out of Mouse Primary Visual Cortex across Attentional States.” (Neurobiology) Lindsey Glickfeld, Adviser. December 2019.

Laura E. Winters

“Schools of Greek Mathematical Practice.” (Classical Studies) Joshua Sosin, Adviser. May 2020.

Brad Anthony Wood

“All in the Same Boat: Fighting for Capital in Gadsden, Alabama, 1900-Present.” (History) Sarah Deutsch, Adviser. May 2020.

Karolina Iga Woroniecka

“T Cell Exhaustion in Glioblastoma.” (Pathology) Peter Fecci, Adviser. May 2020.



Xinchang Xie

“Optimal and Near-optimal Policies of Sequential Decision Problems under Uncertainty.” (Business Administration) Alessandro Arlotto and Alexandre Belloni, Advisers. May 2020.

Weizhi Xiong

“A High Precision Measurement of the Proton Charge Radius at JLab.” (Physics) Haiyan Gao, Adviser. May 2020.

Shengjie Xu

“Sentinel Functions of Tissue Resident Macrophages During Early Fungal Infections.” (Immunology) Mari Shinohara, Adviser. May 2020.

Yingru Xu

“Data-driven Analysis of Heavy Quark Transport in Ultra-relativistic Heavy-ion Collisions.” (Physics) Steffen A. Bass, Adviser. September 2019.



Wen-Hsuan Yang

“Molecular Mechanisms of TAZ-regulating Ferroptosis in Cancer Cells and tRNA Fragment in Erythrocytes.” (Biochemistry) Jen-Tsan Ashley Chi, Adviser. December 2019.

Xiaojun Yao

“Application of Effective Field Theory in Nuclear Physics.” (Physics) Berndt O. Müller, Adviser. September 2019.

Farren Elizabeth Yero

“Laboratories of Consent: Vaccine Science in the Spanish Atlantic World, 1779-1840.” (History) Peter Sigal, Adviser. May 2020.

Mingzhe Yi

“Essays in Housing Markets.” (Economics) Patrick Bayer, Adviser. May 2020.



Roberto Zecca

“Symphotic Devices: Volumetric Electromagnetic Metamaterials for Information Processing.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) David R. Smith, Adviser. December 2019.

Matthew Jason Zeller

“Planal Analysis and the Emancipation of Timbre: Klangfarbenmelodie and Timbral Function in Mahler, Schoenberg, and Webern.” (Music) R. Larry Todd, Adviser. May 2020.

Yuze Zeng

“Design of Biomaterials toward Endogenous Skeletal Tissue Repair.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Shyni Varghese, Adviser. May 2020.

Carolyn Zhang

“Information Encoding and Decoding in Bacteria.” (Biomedical Engineering) Lingchong You, Adviser. December 2019.

Congshan Zhang

“Volatility, Noise, and Market Microstructure: Econometric Analysis Using High-Frequency Data.” (Economics) Jia Li, Adviser. May 2020.

Mengqi Zhang

“Gene set-based Signal-Detection Analyses with Goodness-of-Fit Statistics and Their Application in Complex Diseases.” (Computational Biology and Bioinformatics) Andrew S. Allen, Adviser. September 2019.

Xinyuan Zhang

“The Influence of Structural Information on Natural Language Processing.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Lawrence Carin, Adviser. May 2020.

Yin San Stacy Zhang

“Incorporation of Species Interactions in Seagrass Conservation and Restoration.” (Marine Science and Conservation) Brian Reed Silliman, Adviser. December 2019.

Yudi Zhang

“From Molecular to Macroscopic Mechanochemical Responses.” (Chemistry) Stephen Craig, Adviser. May 2020.

Yiqiu Zhao

“An Experimental Study of the Jamming Phase Diagram for Two-dimensional Granular Materials.” (Physics) Joshua Socolar, Adviser. May 2020.

Pengfei Zheng

“Artificial Intelligence for Understanding Large and Complex Datacenters.” (Computer Science) Benjamin Lee, Adviser. May 2020.

Shengbao Zheng

“Improving Network Security with Low-Cost and Easy-to-Adopt Solutions.” (Computer Science) Xiaowei Yang, Adviser. May 2020.

Zhenyu Zhou

“Improving System Availability for Better Services.” (Computer Science) Xiaowei Yang and Theophilus Benson, Advisers. May 2020.

Maria Boya Zhu

“Essays in the Economics of Education.” (Economics) Peter Arcidiacono, Adviser. September 2019.

Tong Zhu

“First-Principles Studies of Electronic, Optical and Defect Properties of Photovoltaic Materials.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Volker Blum, Adviser. December 2019.

Sarah Bess Jones Zigler

“MPA: Marine Protected Area or Marine Pluriversive Area? A Political Ontology of Large Scale Marine Conservation in Rapa Nui (Easter Island Chile).” (Marine Science and Conservation) Lisa Campbell, Adviser. May 2020.


Hasan Abbas with advisor Dr. Christopher Kontos
So much joy: This photo was taken at my desk at home about a minute after my Ph.D. defense, which was held over Zoom, was successfully completed on April 1, 2020, at 2:36pm. - Kelly Alexander
Kaitlyn Andreano successfully defended her dissertation entitled "Exploiting Our Contemporary Understanding of the Molecular Pharmacology of the Estrogen Receptor to Develop Novel Therapeutics" on March 6, 2020. Kaitlyn completed her graduate work in the laboratory of Dr. Donald McDonnell in the Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology. This photo was taken at the post-defense celebration she shared with family, friends, and labmates.
I owe everything to my family, especially my grandparents and their loving embrace. Here, in the picture I am back in Nepal after my defense to celebrate with them. - Samagya Banskota
Xiaoshu Bei
Laura Bellows, Public Policy
Emily Bowie
Jarron (right) after his dissertation defense with his child, Khalil, and partner, Samah.
Benjamin exploring abroad after completing his PhD.
Eileen Burchfiel enjoying a trip to Prague after finishing her PhD
We went to Seoul, South Korea in October 2019 to attend the International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) to present our paper. I'm the one in the middle and on my left and right are coauthors/lab-mates Matias Di Martino and Qiang Qiu. This was a memorable experience and one of the highlights of my PhD. We took this photo at Incheon Airpot at the end of our trip. - Zhuoqing Chang
Dr. Chaofan Chen practicing organ in the Department of Music at Duke University.
Chong Chen, Ph.D. in Political Science
Erez Cohen, PhD graduate from the Cell Biology Department (Fox Lab). Picture was taken on Erez’s wedding day.
Steven E. Conklin López, Ph.D. is currently a Clinical Chemistry Fellow in the Pathology Department of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
Amanda Cox
Bridget M. Crawford earned her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering in the Nanophotonics group, advised by Dr. Tuan Vo-Dinh.
Liz Crisenbery, Ph.D. in Musicology
Mutya A. Cruz earned her Ph.D. in chemistry with her dissertation entitled "Synthesis and Applications of Copper Nanowires and Nanoplates". She would like to express her deepest gratitude to her family, friends, and CAPS, whose support made this endeavor possible.
Hattie Cutcliffe (right) and her advisor, Dr. Lou DeFrate (left), celebrate after Hattie's successful dissertation defense.
Michelle D'Aguillo, Department of Biology Participating in the 2018 OTS Tropical Plant Systematics course in Costa Rica.
Dr. Nandini Datta Crook
Ahmet Degerli
Yuan Deng at La Jolla, San Diego
Aditi Dighe
Anita Đonlić
Isabella Duarte, Medical Physics Graduate Program
Iara Alejandra Dundas, Art, Art History & Visual Studies
This photo captures a valuable lesson I learned from pursuing my doctorate—a lesson that cannot be found in a textbook: Make time to surround yourself with people that care for you and make you happy. It is those people who will bring you light when you are stuck in a storm. Left to right: Trisha Dupnock, Ph. D., Luis Rafael Lopez De Leon, Ph.D.
The time I snuck in a professional headshot in the middle of my wedding. - Syed Faaiz Enam
Sean Fath, Class of 2020
From left to right: Claudia (my wife), Maria (our daughter), Guilherme (PhD Economics).
Michelle Scotton Franklin Nursing PhD Student at Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy
Marcel Frenkel, PhD in Biochemistry
Forrest Friesen with an experiment for measuring prompt neutrons from photofission at the High Intensity Gamma-Ray Source on the Duke campus.
Fossil hunting in Missouri - Ethan Fulwood
Chelsea Garber earned her Ph.D. in Economics, with a dissertation entitled "Essays in Low-Income Community." She was also a recipient of the 2020 Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching. In August, she will begin pursuing a J.D. at Duke Law School
Evan M. Gates, PhD. Department of Biomedical Engineering.
Shaoqing Ge; Program: Nursing PhD.
Hiking in Glen Coe, Scotland - Chuhang Geissler
Bryce Gessell
Caslin Gilroy
Katya Gorecki enjoying Iceland with fellow instructors after passing her English qualifying exams
Vinay Gowda
Alyssa Granacki, Ph.D. of Romance Studies (Italian), in Rome
Amanda Grittner
Kelley Gullo (center), a Marketing PhD graduate, at her last lab event -- curling at Durham's very own Triangle Curling!
Dissertation recording session at the Baldwin Auditorium - Osman Eren Gümrükçüoğlu
David Hall, Ph.D. Business Administration
Joshua Hammer, first generation college graduate, earned his PhD in Biomedical Engineering.
Shannan L. Hayes, PhD Program in Literature and Feminist Studies Certificate
Me and my son Oliver picking strawberries during a break in my research. I am graduating from the Carolina-Duke Graduate Program in German Studies. - Jeffrey Hertel
“Jacob Hoj’s thesis research focused on identifying targetable signaling pathways in lung cancer brain metastasis. He defended virtually on March 20th, 2020 and is receiving his PhD in Molecular Cancer Biology.”
Walk in the Woods (Spring 2019) - Zhiqin Huang
In the middle of my PhD training I was diagnosed with and treated for stage 3 cancer and dealt with significant side effects from treatment. I defended my PhD in October 2019 from a wheelchair because of these side effects. In the future I hope to apply the experimental design and data analysis skills I learned from my PhD at Duke to help improve outcomes for other cancer patients. Starting Fall 2020, I will be pursuing an MD at UCLA on a David Geffen Medical Scholarship, which covers tuition and fees and includes a stipend for living expenses. - Samuel Hulbert
Elizabeth Hunsaker has been selected as a 2020-21 American Chemical Society Congressional Fellow and will head to Capitol Hill this Fall to bring scientific expertise to Congress.
Dr. Laurel Iber, Ph.D., Romance Studies (French)
Patrick Jensen
Rashmi Joglekar earned her PhD in Environment with a Certificate in Toxicology from the Integrated Toxicology and Environmental Health Program (ITEHP) under the Nicholas School of the Environment in December 2019. Rashmi is pictured here in front of the Abele Quad, one of her favorite places on Duke's campus.
Joshua Khani, Biomedical Engineering
Congratulations! - Amy King
Ewan Kingston teaching the difference in the treatment of existential implication of universals under categorical logic and predicate logic in PHIL150.
Life after PhD. - Ios Kotsogiannis
Kai Bastos (left) and Kevin McHugh (right), both graduates of the MEMS PhD program, in the Chapel.
“Matt (left) and Mathilde (right) Kubic in Alaska last summer. Not shown in the photograph is our soon-to-be-born baby girl, due any day now!”
My lab, the Gersbach lab, has a long-standing tradition of making funny memes and photoshopped images to decorate the desk of newly minted PhDs after their defense. I was bummed that I'd miss out on this tradition, but my lab rose to the occasion and with the help of my boyfriend, Neal, had a wonderful surprise set up for me in the other room after my defense. - Jennifer Kwon
Isaac Lavine
Andrew Lee, Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology, with Amanda Miller, D.V.M.
Michael Lee (Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. 2020) and his ballroom dance partner Nicki Lee (no relation, Computer Science B.Sc. 2022) qualified for USA Dance nationals this year but the competition was postponed due to travel restrictions. This pose is from an American tango danced at a Raleigh competition in Fall 2019. Michael and Nicki took first place in this dance.
Junfei Li, Ph.D. graduate in ECE
Yitong Li, ECE PhD. The photograph was taken right after my PhD final defense exam.
Kevin J Liang, Electrical and Computer Engineering PhD 2020, Electrical and Computer Engineering/Biomedical Engineering BSE 2015
Me at Fuqua - Wenxi Liao
Seth Ligo has completed his PhD in Asian Religions. He will soon move to the mountains with his wife Andrea Forcada Fraile, and will be teaching at the University of North Carolina, Asheville starting in the Fall.
This photo was taken in Congaree National Park when I had a trip with friends after passing the prelim! - Rong-Chien Lin.
A formal night on a cruise to the eastern Caribbean. - Yangju Lin
Yufei Lin
Me attending a conference - Howard Liu
Sean Lonnquist
Keep the faith. Everything is possible. Right: Me; left: my daughter. - Kuan-Yi Lu
John Malik introduced new methods for the mathematical modeling and analysis of human systems through biomedical time series in his thesis entitled, "A geometric approach to biomedical time series analysis."
Lisa Mansfield after successfully defending her dissertation on March 25, 2020 for the PhD program in the School of Nursing at her mom’s home in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
Kai Bastos (left) and Kevin McHugh (right), both graduates of the MEMS PhD program, in the Chapel.
The end of a long, crazy, and fun day collecting data in Duke’s ResearchMobile at the one and only NC State Fair—with my amazing husband/research assistant, Guido Memmi! - Sarah Memmi
Rebecca Mendelson, Graduate Program in Religion
Before dissertation, defense, AP position, and Corona. - Friedolin Merhout
Enjoying time outside during a conference. - Kelly Moran
Sonia Nayak, PhD in English, on the day she became the first graduate student in her department to perform a successful Zoom defense, with her daughter Lilah (10 months).
Julie Newberry defended her dissertation, "You Will Have Joy and Gladness: A Narrative Analysis of the Conditions that Lead to Lukan Joy," on April 1, 2020. She is currently Assistant Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College in Illinois.
Jeffrey Nicolaisen presents his research to a group of political activists at a coffee shop in Taiwan.
Nora Nunn, Department of English
Tinashe Edward Nyanhete, Department of Immunology class of 2020
Erika Ordog with her husband, Sam.
Screenshot taken after passing my dissertation defense. Pictured from top left and moving clockwise: Marc Jeuland (committee member), Emily Pakhtigian (PhD candidate), Robyn Meeks (committee member), Alex Pfaff (committee member), Subhrendu Pattanayak (advisor), and Xiao Yu Wang (committee member).
Sasha Panaram
Nikki Pelot completed her PhD in Biomedical Engineering in Dr. Warren Grill's lab. This photo was from a wonderful backpacking trip in Grayson Highlands State Park.
This photo was taken on the morning of my defense in July 2019; I wore a shirt I sewed myself to reflect the topic of my dissertation: primates climbing! - Bernadette Perchalski
Emily Persons, Sociology
The first picture of me as a Dr., returning home right after my defense (partly remote because my advisor was quarantined for COVID-19). - Anastasia Quintana. Photo credit: My best friend, Elizabeth Davison.
Renee Michelle Ragin will begin a 2-year postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan in the fall and will then become Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and Middle East Studies.
Narayanan Rengaswamy at the Tower Bridge, London, during his trip to the 2019 Quantum Error Correction (QEC) conference.
Jacqueline Rifkin (Marketing, Fuqua School of Business)
Nicolás Sánchez-Rodríguez. Latin American Studies.
Jonathan Schaefer
Jewel Scott. Program: Nursing. Next step: Postdoctoral associate at the University of Pittsburgh, Cardiovascular Behavioral Medicine
I completed my doctoral degree from the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) at Duke University. I also hold a master's (M.S.) degree in the Department of Computer Science (CS) at Duke. At Duke, I was fortunate to work with John Reif who is a wonderful researcher and my mentor. My research interests lie at the intersection of DNA nanoscience, stochastic modeling, signal processing/sensing and AI.

I have also interned at Microsoft Research where I worked with the DNA storage team, primarily supervised by Yuan-Jyue Chen and Karin Strauss.

I did my undergraduate studies at the beautiful campus of DA-IICT in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). During my time at DA-IICT, I worked with Manish Gupta and developed a distributed algorithm to encode binary data to error-correcting DNA codes. I also worked with Anil Roy and developed an image processing pipeline for detecting anemic disorders such as sickle-cell.

I am also very excited about big open-source software projects. In the past, I have been able to contribute to the Systems Biology community with the help of Andreas Dräger and Matthias König who mentored my Google summer of code project.

Finally, I was grateful to the Klien-Gardner foundation to fund my Ph.D. research.

- Shalin Shah
Shan Shan, PhD in Mathematics, Photo taken in front of the math/physics building
It was such an amazing journey around the Chapel. - Dinghan Shen
Nicole Solomon, Ph.D. Biostatistics
Nivedhitha Subramanian - Duke Public Policy PhD ’20 (Economics Concentration)
Lieutenant Colonel JD Swinney, U.S. Army, History Dept.
Thank you Mom, Dad and Coffee. - Tao Tang
Grateful of the many opportunities that Duke offered me to enrich my network and explore. (Picture taken in Banff after presenting in a conference). - Romina Tomé
Do Tran with his wife
My PhD life is not just about numbers and equations; it is full of support and love - special thanks to my parents, Thieu Tran and Liem Nguyen, and my fiancee, Jing Mei Ho. - Thomas Tran
Phillip J Turner, PhD in Marine Science and Conservation
Sungwoo Um, NIH Bioethics Department
Khoi Vo
Jan Vogler
Stay kind. - Heidi Vreeland
Guoyin Wang
We love Duke forever. - Jing Wang (left)
Jingjing Wang (middle) and her parents on a family vacation in Iceland. Jingjing's family has been a constant source of inspiration, joy, and support during her graduate study.
Embracing a grand start of the post-graduation chapter. - Ziyi Wang
Ceri Weber celebrating a successful (virtual) defense of her dissertation on turtle sex determination with a turtle cake baked by her advisor, Blanche Capel.
Joshua Wheaton
Laura Winters presenting her research on ancient mathematics at the annual meeting of CAMWS (the Classical Association of the Middle West and South) in 2018.
Thank you Duke for providing me a place to grow and mature. I will be forever Duke! - Shengjie Xu
Just finished a half marathon. - Yingru Xu
Xiaojun Yao (Physics graduate) in Torino
The photo was taken in the fall of 2019 in Alaska with my wife, Xin Zhang, and myself. I would like to thank her for her support during my dissertation writing process which ultimately culminated in my PhD in economics this spring. - Mingzhe Yi
Xinyuan Zhang, graduated from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. This photo was taken in Amsterdam, Netherland in November 2018 during the conference EMNLP. During my PhD years at Duke, I was fortunate to have many opportunities to attend conferences and travel around.
As part of her dissertation, Stacy Zhang built several exclusion cages to test for the effects of large marine fauna on seagrass ecosystems. The study is the first of its kind to empirically test and find strong evidence for top-down control of bivalves in seagrass beds.
Yudi Zhang, PhD in Chemistry
Pengfei Zheng
Shengbao Zheng
Zhenyu Zhou
Taken at 2014. Tong Zhu (Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science, Duke University)