2020-2021 Ph.D. Graduates


Art, Art History, and Visual Studies

Kaylee P. AlexanderPIC

“In Perpetuity: Funerary Monuments, Consumerism and Social Reform in Paris (1804–1924).” (Art, Art History, and Visual Studies) Neil McWilliam, Adviser. May 2021.

Patricia Barclay Bass

“Iconicity and the Objective Image: Crime in France, 1880 - 1914.” (Art, Art History, and Visual Studies) Mark Olson, Adviser. December 2020.



Grace Anne BeggsPIC

“Biochemical and structural mechanisms of multidrug efflux pump transcription regulators, Neisseria gonorrhoeae MtrR and Escherichia coli MprA.” (Biochemistry) Richard Brennan, Adviser. May 2021.

Brittany Justine Bisnett

“Regulation of Sec24 by O-GlcNAcylation.” (Biochemistry) Michael Boyce, Adviser. December 2020.

Brett Matthew Condon

“Characterization of the O-GlcNAc Modification on the COPII Outer Coat.” (Biochemistry) Michael Boyce, Adviser. September 2020.

Benjamin Andrew FentonPIC

“Protein and Ligand Dynamics in Drug Development and Resistance.” (Biochemistry) Pei Zhou, Adviser. September 2020.

Son Cong Le

“Regulatory and Gating Mechanisms of TMEM16A Chloride Channel.” (Biochemistry) Huanghe Yang, Adviser. May 2021.

Trieu Phuong Hai Le

“Investigating the Molecular Mechanisms of TMEM16F – a Ca2+ Activated Phospholipid Scramblase and Ion Channel.” (Biochemistry) Huanghe Yang, Adviser. May 2021.

Emily Josephine McFadden

“Structure-Function Relationships of Long Non-Coding RNA in Prostate Cancer.” (Biochemistry) Amanda Hargrove, Adviser. December 2020.

Anthony Nguyen

“Structural Basis of GPCR-Transducer Signaling.” (Biochemistry) Robert Lefkowitz, Adviser. May 2021.

Nichole Orench-Rivera

“Differential Packaging of Outer Membrane Proteins of Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli into Outer Membrane Vesicles under Oxidative Stress Conditions Reveals a Potential Mechanism for Vesicle Cargo Selectivity.” (Biochemistry) Margarethe Kuehn, Adviser. September 2020.

Yang SuoPIC

“Structural and Functional Studies on Noxious Stimuli Sensing of the Transient Receptor Potential Ankyrin 1 Channel.” (Biochemistry) Seok-Yong Lee, Adviser. May 2021.

You WangPIC

“Structure-Guided Development of Antifungal Protein Farnesyltransferase Inhibitors and DNA Polymerase Engineering.” (Biochemistry) Lorena Beese, Adviser. May 2021.

Ying Yin

“Structural Studies of the Cold and Menthol Sensing Ion Channel TRPM8.” (Biochemistry) Seok-Yong Lee, Adviser. September 2020.



Irene Ting LiaoPIC

“Evolutionary Genetics of Reduced Nectar Production in the Selfing Morning Glory, Ipomoea lacunosa (Convolvulaceae).” (Biology) Mark Rausher, Adviser. May 2021.

Bryan Thomas PiatkowskiPIC

“From Genes to Traits and Ecosystems: Evolutionary Ecology of Sphagnum (Peat Moss).” (Biology) A. Jonathan Shaw, Adviser. December 2020.

Songhui ZhaoPIC

“Regulation of Behavioral Plasticity: Mechanism Underlying Olfaction-Dependent Changes in Male Specific Courtship Behaviors in Drosophila melanogaster.” (Biology) Pelin Volkan, Adviser. May 2021.

Matthew Evan Newton Zipple

“Social Determinants of Immature Phenotype and Survival in Wild Baboons and Other Mammals.” (Biology) Susan Alberts, Adviser. May 2021.


Biomedical Engineering

Brinnae Marie BentPICVIDEO

“Discovering Digital Biomarkers of Glycemic Health from Wearable Sensors.” (Biomedical Engineering) Jessilyn Dunn, Adviser. May 2021.

Brian Robert BiglerPIC

“Shock Propagation in Mechanical Models of Traumatic Brain Injury.” (Biomedical Engineering) Cameron Bass, Adviser. September 2020.

Muath Bishawi

“Effect of Radiation on Cardiovascular Function.” (Biomedical Engineering) George Truskey, Adviser. September 2020.

Chia-Han ChiangPIC

“Developing Chronically Reliable, High-Resolution, Flexible Neural Interfaces for Human and Animal Research.” (Biomedical Engineering) Jonathan Viventi, Adviser. May 2021.

Courtney Aileen Cox

“Computational Modeling of the Lumbar Spine: Active Musculature and Intra-abdominal Pressure in Compressive Loading.” (Biomedical Engineering) Cameron Bass, Adviser. September 2020.

Christopher Paul Eckersley

“Cavitation in Blunt Traumatic Brain Injury.” (Biomedical Engineering) Cameron Bass, Adviser. May 2021.

Bradley Feiger

“Investigating Vascular Disease Treatment and Progression using Multiscale Hemodynamic Modeling and Machine Learning Algorithms.” (Biomedical Engineering) Amanda Randles, Adviser. May 2021.

Cassio Mendes Fontes

“A Point-of-Care Immunoassay for Ultra-Sensitive Detection of Ebolavirus.” (Biomedical Engineering) Ashutosh Chilkoti, Adviser. September 2020.

Kelly Margaret Hainline

“Supramolecular Peptide and Protein Assemblies for Applications in Immunotherapy and 3D Cell Culture.” (Biomedical Engineering) Joel Collier, Adviser. May 2021.

Liad Holtzman

“Development and Application of Novel CRISPR-Based Epigenome Editors.” (Biomedical Engineering) Charles A. Gersbach, Adviser. May 2021.

Jun JiangPIC

“Extending the Reach and Contrast of Pump-Probe Microscopy.” (Biomedical Engineering) Warren Warren, Adviser. December 2020.

Cambre Nicole Kelly

“Characterization of High Strength, High Porosity Gyroid-sheet Scaffolds.” (Biomedical Engineering) Ken Gall, Adviser. September 2020.

Sean Hunter Kelly

“Molecular and Macroscale Engineering of Sublingual Nanofiber Vaccines.” (Biomedical Engineering) Joel Collier, Adviser. December 2020.

Young-Joong Kim

“Volumetric Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Imaging Using Intracardiac Echocardiography.” (Biomedical Engineering) Patrick Wolf, Adviser. September 2020.

Megan Cathleen MadonnaPIC

“Harnessing Optical Imaging for Assessing Metabolic Reprogramming in Breast Cancer.” (Biomedical Engineering) Nirmala Ramanujam, Adviser. December 2020.

Robert Allan Morhard

“Development of an Injectable Ablative Therapy for Resource-Limited Settings: Applications in Tumor Ablation.” (Biomedical Engineering) Nirmala Ramanujam, Adviser. December 2020.

Corrine Nief

“Designing a Low-Cost Cancer Therapeutic with Ethanol Ablation and Immunomodulation.” (Biomedical Engineering) Nirmala Ramanujam, Adviser. May 2021.

Han Sang Park

“Development of Quantitative Phase Imaging as a Diagnostic Modality with High-Throughput Implementation.” (Biomedical Engineering) Adam Wax, Adviser. December 2020.

Ruobing Qian

“Development of Novel Optical Design and Signal Processing Approaches in Optical Coherence Imaging.” (Biomedical Engineering) Joseph A. Izatt, Adviser. September 2020.

Ellen Elizabeth Salmon

“A Tissue-Engineered Blood Vessel Model for Vascular Aging.” (Biomedical Engineering) George Truskey, Adviser. May 2021.

Somayyeh Soltanian-Zadeh

“Statistical and Deep Learning Frameworks for High Throughput Neuronal Signal and Image Processing.” (Biomedical Engineering) Sina Farsiu, Adviser. September 2020.

Zachary Andrew Steelman

“Novel Instrumentation for Optical Screening of Epithelial Dysplasia.” (Biomedical Engineering) Adam Wax, Adviser. September 2020.

Asli Zeynep Unal

“Vascularized Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Bioartificial Livers.” (Biomedical Engineering) Jennifer West, Adviser. September 2020.

Jason Wang

“3D Human Skeletal Muscle Model for Studying Satellite Cell Quiescence and Pompe Disease.” (Biomedical Engineering) Nenad Bursac, Adviser. May 2021.

Feilun Wu

“General Principles of Microbial Community Structure.” (Biomedical Engineering) Lingchong You, Adviser. September 2020.


Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

Jianghao LiPIC

“Design and Monitoring of Clinical Trials with Clustered Time-to-Event Endpoint.” (Biostatistics and Bioinformatics) Sin-Ho Jung, Adviser. September 2020.

John Andrew Pura

“Multiple Testing Embedded in an Aggregation Tree With Applications to Omics Data.” (Biostatistics and Bioinformatics) Jichun Xie, Adviser. September 2020.

Tongrong Wang

“Assessing Interchangeability among Raters with Continuous Outcomes in Agreement Studies.” (Biostatistics and Bioinformatics) Huiman Barnhart, Adviser. May 2021.


Business Administration

Aimee Michaela Chabot

“The Pursuit of Health, Wealth, and Well-Being through Minimalist Consumption.” (Business Administration) James R. Bettman and Gavan J. Fitzsimons, Advisers. December 2020.

Soudipta Chakraborty

“Operations of Innovative Business Models.” (Business Administration) Robert Swinney, Adviser. September 2020.

Jing Huang

“Optimal Stress Tests in Financial Networks.” (Business Administration) S Viswanathan and Adriano Rampini, Advisers. September 2020.

Jay Im

“Essays on Multinationalization and Corporate Investment Policy.” (Business Administration) Ravi Bansal and Daniel Xu, Advisers. May 2021.

Tatiana Michelle LluentPIC

“Empirical Essays on Gender in Organizations.” (Business Administration) Aaron Chatterji, Adviser. May 2021.

Lia SheerPIC

“Essays on Corporate Investment in Scientific Research.” (Business Administration) Sharon Belenzon and Ashish Arora, Advisers. May 2021.

Young Jun Song

“Essays on Private Equity.” (Business Administration) David Robinson, Adviser. May 2021.

Tianjiao Tong

“Health Care and Corporate Finance.” (Business Administration) John R. Graham, Adviser. September 2020.


Cell Biology

Anzhi Chen

“Regulation of Tissue Regeneration in Zebrafish by Vitamin D Signaling.” (Cell Biology) Kenneth Poss, Adviser. December 2020.

Manuella Rossette Clark-CottonPIC

“Mechanisms of Chemotropism in Fungi: Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a Model.” (Cell Biology) Daniel Lew, Adviser. May 2021.

Jamie Nicole GarciaPIC

“Vacuole Formation Guides the Regenerative Path of the Zebrafish Notochord.” (Cell Biology) Michel Bagnat and Kenneth Poss, Advisers. May 2021.

Nora Grace Peterson

“Multinuclear and Mononuclear Polyploidy in the Drosophila Hindgut and Heart.” (Cell Biology) Donald Fox, Adviser. May 2021.

Leyao ShenPIC

“Amino Acid Transporters Regulate Bone Formation.” (Cell Biology) Courtney Karner, Adviser. May 2021.

Adam Shoffner

“Cardiac Mitogen Signaling During Zebrafish Heart Regeneration.” (Cell Biology) Kenneth Poss, Adviser. December 2020.

John Dayland Thompson

“Epigenetic Profiling of Zebrafish Fin Regeneration.” (Cell Biology) Kenneth Poss, Adviser. September 2020.

Susan Elizabeth WopatPIC

“Patterning Mechanisms Underlying Notochord and Spine Segmentation in Zebrafish.” (Cell Biology) Michel Bagnat, Adviser. May 2021.



Nathan Joseph Adamson

“The Development of Palladium-Catalyzed Regio- and Enantioselective Hydrofunctionalizations of Conjugated Dienes and Enynes.” (Chemistry) Steven J. Malcolmson, Adviser. September 2020.

Suraj Kumar AyerPIC

“Nitrogen-Oxidants Enable Group-Transfer Reactions.” (Chemistry) Jennifer Roizen, Adviser. May 2021.

George Erastus Bullard

“Nanoscale Systems for Optical, Electro-Optic, and Spintronic Applications.” (Chemistry) Michael J. Therien, Adviser. December 2020.

Zehua Chen

“On Improving Density Functional Approximations: When Optimization Matters.” (Chemistry) Weitao Yang, Adviser. May 2021.

Seoyoung ChoPIC

“Direct and Modular Access to Functionalized Arenes and Cyclohexenes Mediated by Deprotonative C–H Zincation.” (Chemistry) Qiu Wang, Adviser. May 2021.

Kasie Lynn CollinsPIC

“Development of a Generalizable Assay for Probing the Effects of Mechanical Force on the Function of Fluorescent Proteins within Molecular Tension Sensors.” (Chemistry) Brenton Hoffman and Jennifer West, Advisers. May 2021.

John Gustave Ganley

“Investigation of Specialized Metabolites in Apicomplexan Parasite Life Cycles.” (Chemistry) Emily Derbyshire, Adviser. May 2021.

Anna Katherine Hatstat

“Chemical Biology Approaches to Probe Protein Networks for Alleviation of Trafficking Defects in Parkinson’s Disease.” (Chemistry) Dewey McCafferty, Adviser. May 2021.

Abigail Caitlin Jackson

“Targeting Drug-Resistant Bacteria with Metal-Binding Compounds for Antibacterial Activity and Metallo-β-Lactamase Inhibition.” (Chemistry) Katherine Franz, Adviser. September 2020.

Xiaoqi LangPIC

“Uncovering the "Shape" of Intracellular Water by Hyperspectral Stimulated Raman Scattering Microscopy.” (Chemistry) Kevin Welsher, Adviser. May 2021.

Renze Ma

“Development and Application of Large-Scale Protein Folding Stability Analysis in Drug Target Identification and Disease Biomarker Discovery.” (Chemistry) Michael Fitzgerald, Adviser. September 2020.

Kelsey Teresa Morgan

“Expanding the Ramoplanin Family of Antimicrobial Peptides.” (Chemistry) Dewey McCafferty, Adviser. December 2020.

Peter Adriaan Novello

“Understanding Active Sites in Plasmonic Enhanced Catalysis.” (Chemistry) Jie Liu, Adviser. December 2020.

Xuyan RuPIC

“Nanometer to Micrometer Electron Transfer: Incoherent Hopping in Biomolecular Systems.” (Chemistry) David Beratan, Adviser. December 2020.


“Occurrence, Dynamics, and Functions of Hoogsteen Base Pairs in DNA.” (Chemistry) Hashim Al-Hashimi, Adviser. May 2021.

Feichen YangPIC

“Microfibrous and Nanofibrous Materials for Cartilage Repair and Energy Storage.” (Chemistry) Benjamin Wiley, Adviser. September 2020.

Jacqueline Marie Zaengle-BaronePIC

“Copper as an Antibacterial Agent and Disruptor of Protein Stability.” (Chemistry) Katherine Franz, Adviser. December 2020.


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Nabil Michel Atallah

“The Second Generation Shifted Boundary Method with Applications to Porous Media Flow and Solid Mechanics.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Guglielmo Scovazzi, Adviser. September 2020.

Masih EghdamiPIC

“Elucidating Atmospheric Turbulence Across Scales in Numerical Models: Land-Atmosphere Interaction Controls of Moist Processes.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Ana Barros, Adviser. September 2020.

Stewart Ryan Farling

“Development of a Hyperbaric Intravascular Membrane Oxygenator Catheter.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Marc Deshusses, Adviser. May 2021.

Jonathan Riggs Holt

“America’s Evolving Relationship with Trees: A Statistical Analysis of Social, Economic, and Environmental Drivers of Forest Management.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Mark Borsuk, Adviser. May 2021.

Brandon HunterPIC

“Sanitation Justice: Community-Inspired Academic Research Conducted Under Different Theories of Change.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Marc Deshusses, Adviser. December 2020.

Faye A. KoenigsmarkPIC

“From Source to Surveillance: An Assessment of Liquid Elemental Mercury Mobilization in Soil, Downstream Reactivity, and Biomarkers of Exposure.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Heileen Hsu-Kim, Adviser. May 2021.

Christopher Luke Krapu

“Development of Novel Bayesian Models of Environmental Systems with Application to the Prairie Wetlands of North America.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Mark Borsuk, Adviser. September 2020.

Lucas Rocha MelognoPIC

“Practical Monitoring Strategies for Drinking Water and Bioaerosols in Resource-Limited Settings.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Marc Deshusses, Adviser. May 2021.

Clay Michael SandersPIC

“Inverse-Problem Inspired Approaches in the Design of Solids for Frequency-Domain Dynamics.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Wilkins Aquino, Adviser. September 2020.

Carolina Seguí

“Analysis of the Stability and Response of Deep-Seated Landslides by Monitoring Their Basal Temperature.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Manolis Veveakis, Adviser. December 2020.

Tongshu Zheng

“Applications of Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Remote Sensing to Improving Air Quality and Solar Energy Production.” (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Michael Bergin, Adviser. May 2021.


Classical Studies

Adrian Carl Linden-HighPIC

“Enslaved and Freed Persons in Roman Military Communities under the Principate (27 BCE–284 CE).” (Classical Studies) Mary Boatwright, Adviser. December 2020.

Courtney Michelle Monahan

“Matrona Visa: Women's Public Visibility and Civic Identity in Hispania Tarraconensis.” (Classical Studies) Mary Boatwright, Adviser. September 2020.


Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Debraj Ghose

“Experimentally Informed Bottom-up Model of Yeast Polarity Suggests How Single Cells Respond to Chemical Gradients.” (Computational Biology and Bioinformatics) Daniel Lew, Adviser. May 2021.

Lanie Elizabeth HappPIC

“Integrating Genomic and Biological Understandings of Disease to Improve Patient Outcome in Mature B Cell Lymphoma.” (Computational Biology and Bioinformatics) Sandeep Dave, Adviser. May 2021.

Jingkang ZhaoPIC

“Transcription Factor-Centric Approaches to Identify Regulatory Driver Mutations in Cancer.” (Computational Biology and Bioinformatics) Raluca Gordan, Adviser. September 2020.


Computational Media, Arts & Cultures

Evan Michael Donahue

“Android Linguistics: How Machines Do Things with Words.” (Computational Media, Arts & Cultures) Mark Hansen, Adviser. May 2021.

Sinan Cem Goknur

“Figuring a Queer Aesthetics and Politics of Urban Dissent in Istanbul.” (Computational Media, Arts & Cultures) Mark Olson, Adviser. December 2020.

Özgün Eylül Iscen

“The Geopolitical Aesthetic of Computational Media: Media Arts in the Middle East.” (Computational Media, Arts & Cultures) Mark Hansen, Adviser. September 2020.

Max SymuleskiPIC

“Maintenance Works: The Aesthetics and Politics of Collective Support.” (Computational Media, Arts & Cultures) Mark Hansen, Adviser. May 2021.


Computer Science

Reza Alijani

“Algorithms for Two-sided Online Marketplaces.” (Computer Science) Kamesh Munagala, Adviser. September 2020.

Ramin Bashizade

“Accelerating Data Parallel Applications via Hardware and Software Techniques.” (Computer Science) Alvin Lebeck, Adviser. December 2020.

Junyang Gao

“Durability Queries on Temporal Data.” (Computer Science) Jun Yang, Adviser. September 2020.

Stavros Sintos

“Efficient Algorithms for Querying Large and Uncertain Data.” (Computer Science) Pankaj Agarwal, Adviser. September 2020.

Tianyu Wang

“New Directions in Bandit Learning: Singularities and Random Walk Feedback.” (Computer Science) Cynthia Rudin, Adviser. May 2021.

Allen Xiao

“Two Algorithmic Schemes for Geometric Bipartite Matching and Transportation.” (Computer Science) Pankaj Agarwal, Adviser. September 2020.

Yuanjun YaoPIC

“A Logical Controller Architecture for Network Security.” (Computer Science) Jeffrey Chase, Adviser. December 2020.

Ruiyi Zhang

“Towards Uncertainty and Efficiency in Reinforcement Learning.” (Computer Science) Lawrence Carin, Adviser. May 2021.


Cultural Anthropology

Can Evren

“Global Sport, Territorial Ambition: How Professional Soccer Remade Turkey.” (Cultural Anthropology) Orin Starn, Adviser. December 2020.

Matthew Ryan Sebastian

“Securing Youth: Humanitarian Futures in Post-Conflict Uganda.” (Cultural Anthropology) Charles Piot, Adviser. May 2021.


Earth and Ocean Sciences

Rachel Coyte

“Factors Affecting the Occurrence of Redox-Sensitive Elements in Groundwater Systems.” (Earth and Ocean Sciences) Avner Vengosh, Adviser. May 2021.

Kimberley Laverne Elisabeth Claudie DrouinPIC

“Investigating the Upper-Ocean Pathways, Dynamics, and Geometry of the South Atlantic.” (Earth and Ocean Sciences) Susan Lozier, Adviser. May 2021.

Muye Ru

“Pollution, Health, and the Economy: Understanding and Modeling Their Interactions.” (Earth and Ocean Sciences) Drew Shindell, Adviser. December 2020.

Jun Ukita ShepardPIC

“Global Energy Systems and International Trade.” (Earth and Ocean Sciences) Lincoln Pratson, Adviser. December 2020.

Benjamin Wilson Wernette

“From Layered Intrusions to Mid-Ocean Ridges: The Petrography and Chemistry of Basaltic Magmas.” (Earth and Ocean Sciences) Emily Klein, Adviser. September 2020.

Enrico Zorzetto

“Statistical Models for Extreme Events in Atmospheric Processes.” (Earth and Ocean Sciences) Marco Marani, Adviser. September 2020.



Lauren Nicole Carley

“Ecological Contexts of Balancing Selection in Nature.” (Ecology) Thomas Mitchell-Olds and William F. Morris, Advisers. September 2020.

Alice Marie Carter

“Shifting Thermal and Metabolic Regimes in a Low Gradient, Temperate River Network.” (Ecology) Emily Bernhardt and James Heffernan, Advisers. May 2021.

Jacqueline Rebecca Gerson

“Geochemical, Biological, and Landscape Controls on Mercury Fate, Transport, and Impact in Natural Ecosystems.” (Ecology) Emily Bernhardt, Adviser. May 2021.

Britany Lauren MorganPIC

“The Balance of Parental Effects and Within Generation Plasticity: The Role of Parent and Offspring DNA Methylation on Response to Cues of Neighbor Presence.” (Ecology) Kathleen Donohue, Adviser. May 2021.

Emily Anne UryPIC

“Ecosystem Consequences of Sea Level Rise and Salinization in North Carolina’s Coastal Wetlands.” (Ecology) Emily Bernhardt and Justin Wright, Advisers. May 2021.



Michael BoutrosPIC

“Household Heterogeneity and Unanticipated Income Shocks.” (Economics) Francesco Bianch, Adviser. May 2021.

Jackson Bunting

“Essays on the Econometrics of Dynamic Discrete Choice.” (Economics) Federico Bugni, Adviser. May 2021.

Rui Chen

“Essays on Financial Econometrics.” (Economics) Andrew Patton, Adviser. September 2020.

Tiancheng Chen

“Essays on the Industrial Organization of Retail Markets.” (Economics) Allan Collard-Wexler and Yi (Daniel) Xu, Advisers. May 2021.

Xiaoyu ChenPIC

“Essays on Firm Investment and Misallocation.” (Economics) Yi Xu, Adviser. May 2021.

Yanyou Chen

“Essays in Industrial Organization and Environmental Economics.” (Economics) Allan Collard-Wexler and Yi Xu, Advisers. September 2020.

Daniel G. Garrett

“Essays in Public Finance.” (Economics) Juan Carlos Suarez Serrato, Adviser. May 2021.

Attila GyetvaiPIC

“Essays in Job Mobility.” (Economics) Peter Arcidiacono, Adviser. May 2021.

Taehoon KimPIC

“Essays in Macroeconomics and Firm Dynamics.” (Economics) Daniel Yi Xu and Matthias Kehrig, Advisers. May 2021.

Andrea Kiss

“Essays in Behavioral Labor Economics.” (Economics) Robert Garlick and Scott Huettel, Advisers. May 2021.

Jonathan Ronny Moreno MedinaPIC

“Essays on Economics of Media and Informal Institutions.” (Economics) Patrick Bayer, Adviser. May 2021.

Dieu Linh Thi NguyenPIC

“Wages, Work Hours, and Work Effort: How Tax Rates Affect Taxpayers' Occupational Choice.” (Economics) Vincent Joseph Hotz, Adviser. May 2021.

Rachel Claire Sayers

“Essays in Development Economics.” (Economics) Robert Garlick, Adviser. September 2020.

Vytautas ValaitisPIC

“Essays in Macroeconomics.” (Economics) Matthias Kehrig, Adviser. May 2021.

Alessandro Tenzin Villa

“Essays in Macroeconomics.” (Economics) Andrea Lanteri, Adviser. May 2021.

Andrew Stuart Vollmer

“Reallocation in Perishable Goods Markets.” (Economics) James Roberts, Adviser. May 2021.

Qiushi Zhang

“Essays on Financial Econometrics: Analysis of Classical Problems with Novel Econometric Methods.” (Economics) Tim Bollerslev and Jia Li, Advisers. May 2021.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jorge Antonio Cárdenas

“In-Place Printing of Carbon Nanotube Transistors at Low Temperature.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Aaron Franklin, Adviser. September 2020.

Ash-Girl ChapfuwaPIC

“Probabilistic Time-to-Event Modeling Approaches for Risk Profiling.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Lawrence Carin and Ricardo Henao, Advisers. May 2021.

Fan Chen

“In-Memory Computing Architecture for Deep Learning Acceleration.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Yiran Chen and Hai Li, Advisers. December 2020.

Liqun Chen

“Learning Deep Models via Optimal Transport Distance.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Lawrence Carin, Adviser. May 2021.

Pengyu Cheng

“Improving Natural Language Understanding via Contrastive Learning Methods.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Lawrence Carin, Adviser. May 2021.

Aaron Vincent Diebold

“Coherence in Dynamic Metasurface Aperture Microwave Imaging Systems.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) David R. Smith, Adviser. December 2020.

Rana Osama Abdelelah Gaber ElnaggarPIC

“Security and Survivability of Heterogeneous SoCs.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Krishnendu Chakrabarty, Adviser. December 2020.

Spencer David FergusonPIC

“Design Rules for Complex Emulsion Targets in Resonant Infrared, Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation of Polymer Thin Films.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Adrienne Stiff-Roberts, Adviser. September 2020.

Bohao HuangPIC

“Using Synthetic Satellite Imagery from Virtual Worlds to Train Deep Learning Models for Object Recognition.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Leslie Collins, Adviser. May 2021.

Yuh-Chen Lin

“Two-Dimensional Negative Capacitance-FETs with Ferroelectric HfZrO2.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Aaron Franklin, Adviser. December 2020.

Mengyun LiuPIC

“Adaptive Methods for Machine Learning-Based Testing of Integrated Circuits and Boards.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Krishnendu Chakrabarty, Adviser. September 2020.

Jiachen Mao

“Efficient Neural Network Based Systems on Mobile and Cloud Platforms.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Yiran Chen and Hai Li, Advisers. September 2020.

Yiqian Mao

“Fast Large-Scale Electromagnetic Simulation of Doubly Periodic Structures in Layered Media.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Qing Huo Liu, Adviser. December 2020.

Vaishakhi Mayya

“Fundamental Limits for Community Detection in Labelled Networks.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Galen Reeves, Adviser. December 2020.

Steven Gary NoycePIC

“Mapping Sensitivity of Nanomaterial Field-Effect Transistors.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Aaron Franklin, Adviser. September 2020.

Mikhail Shalaev

“Metamaterials and Topology Enabled Light-Matter Interactions and Photonic Devices.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Natalia Litchinitser, Adviser. December 2020.

Chang SongPIC

“Robustness Analysis and Improvement in Neural Networks and Neuromorphic Computing.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Hai Li, Adviser. May 2021.

Linghao Song

“Accelerator Architectures for Deep Learning and Graph Processing.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Yiran Chen and Hai Li, Advisers. September 2020.

Jon William Stewart

“Plasmonic Metasurfaces for Enhanced Pyroelectric Photodetection.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Maiken Mikkelsen, Adviser. September 2020.

Tasso Ade von Windheim

“Design and Characterization of Carbon Nanomaterial-Based Electrodes for Use in Harsh Environments.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Jeffery Glass, Adviser. September 2020.

Raul Vyas

“Instrument Design and Study of Operational Characteristics of a Cycloidal Coded Aperture Miniature Mass Spectrometer for Environmental Sensing.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Jeffrey T. Glass, Adviser. December 2020.

Dezhi Wang

“Forward Modeling and Inversion of 3D Electromagnetic Scattering Problems in Complicated Backgrounds.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Qing Huo Liu, Adviser. December 2020.

Fan WangPIC

“Autonomous Robot Packing of Complex-shaped Objects.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Kris Hauser, Adviser. September 2020.

Nicholas Xavier Williams

“Custom Inks and Printing Processes for Electronic Biosensing Devices.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Aaron Franklin, Adviser. May 2021.

Wade Mitchell WilsonPIC

“Actively Tunable Plasmonic Nanostructures.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Maiken Mikkelsen, Adviser. September 2020.

Callie Marie Woods

“Multipixel Si PN Junction Photodetector Sensor Arrays for the Depth Resolved Measurement of Tissue using Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Nan Jokerst, Adviser. September 2020.

Chunpeng WuPIC

“Efficient Deep Learning for Image Applications.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Hai Li, Adviser. September 2020.

Bonan Yan

“Highly Efficient Neuromorphic Computing Systems With Emerging Nonvolatile Memories.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Hai Li and Yiran Chen, Advisers. September 2020.

Chaofei Yang

“Security and Robustness in Neuromorphic Computing and Deep Learning.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Hai Li and Yiran Chen, Advisers. September 2020.

Qing Yang

“Algorithm-hardware Co-optimization for Neural Network Efficiency Improvement.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Hai Li, Adviser. September 2020.

Insang YooPIC

“Analytic Model, Design of Waveguide-Fed Metasurface Antennas and Applications to MIMO Communication Systems.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) David R. Smith, Adviser. December 2020.

Runren Zhang

“Multiscale Forward and Inverse Problems with the DGFD Method and the Deep Learning Method.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Qing Huo Liu, Adviser. December 2020.

Xiangyu ZhangPICVIDEO

“Accelerating Probabilistic Computing with a Stochastic Processing Unit.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Alvin Lebeck, Adviser. December 2020.

Zhanwei Zhong

“Design, Optimization and Test Methods for Robust Digital Microfluidic Biochips.” (Electrical and Computer Engineering) Krishnendu Chakrabarty, Adviser. September 2020.



Gregory Ryan Brennen

“The Serial Imagination: Novel Form, Serial Format, and Victorian Reading Publics.” (English) Nancy Armstrong and Kathy Psomiades, Advisers. May 2021.

Devin Jane BuckleyPIC

“Romanticism as Religion: Beyond the Secularization Narrative in Readings of British Romantic Poetry.” (English) Thomas Pfau, Adviser. May 2021.

Chandler Thomas Fry

“Reasoning Rebellion and Reformation: Natural Law and the Ethics of Power and Resistance in Late Medieval English Literature.” (English) David Aers, Adviser. May 2021.

Rachel Alison Gevlin

“Divorcing the Rake: Male Chastity and the Rise of the Novel, 1753-1857.” (English) Charlotte Sussman, Adviser. September 2020.

Justin David Mitchell

“The Death and Life of the American Novel: Radicalism and the Transformation of U.S. Literature in the 1960s.” (English) Nancy Armstrong, Adviser. September 2020.

Myles Oldershaw

“Uses of Influence.” (English) Toril Moi, Adviser. May 2021.

Stoney Lee PortisPIC

“Troy in America: Soldier Suicide in American War Literature.” (English) Priscilla Wald, Adviser. May 2021.

Claire Elise RavenscroftPIC

“Fossil Capitalist Realism: Petrofiction, Climate Change and the Endless Twentieth Century.” (English) Priscilla Wald, Adviser. September 2020.

Robert William Tate

“Fictions of Authority: The Normativity of Representation after Shakespeare.” (English) Sarah Beckwith, Adviser. December 2020.



Linchen HePIC

“The Role of Melatonin in Pathophysiologic Responses to Air Pollution Exposure.” (Environment) Junfeng Zhang, Adviser. December 2020.

Amelia C. Meier

“Forest Elephant Group Dynamics, Social Interactions, and Population Monitoring.” (Environment) John Poulsen and Susan Alberts, Advisers. May 2021.

Assaad MradPIC

“Plant Water Transport and Photosynthesis in Water-Limited Environments.” (Environment) Gabriel Katul, Adviser. December 2020.

Matthew Ruis

“Using in vitro and in vivo Placental Models to Investigate the Localization of Brominated Flame Retardants and Implications for Thyroid Hormone Homeostasis.” (Environment) Heather Stapleton, Adviser. May 2021.

Rose Sabrina SchrottPIC

“The Effects of Cannabis sativa on the Sperm Epigenome.” (Environment) Susan Murphy, Adviser. May 2021.

Anna Merrill Wade

“Land-Use Legacy Dynamics in Decades- and Centuries-old Soils.” (Environment) Daniel Richter, Adviser. September 2020.


Environmental Policy

Hussain Abdulraouf Alshammasi

“Essays in Environmental Economics and Policy.” (Environmental Policy) Stephen C. Sexton, Adviser. December 2020.

Kathleen Clare Hansen

“The Politics of Local Service Provision in the United States.” (Environmental Policy) Megan Mullin, Adviser. May 2021.

Wumeng He

“Three Essays on Evaluating Forest Conservation Programs in Developing Countries.” (Environmental Policy) Jeffrey Vincent, Adviser. May 2021.

Qingran LiPIC

“Three Essays in Environmental Economics and Policy.” (Environmental Policy) Steven Sexton, Adviser. May 2021.


Evolutionary Anthropology

Arianna Rose Harrington

“Encephalic Arterial Canals and Their Functional Significance.” (Evolutionary Anthropology) Douglas Boyer, Adviser. September 2020.

Zane Shea SwansonPIC

“The Effect of Lifestyle Change on Health and Early Childhood Growth in Daasanach Pastoralists Living in Northern Kenya.” (Evolutionary Anthropology) Herman Pontzer, Adviser. May 2021.


Genetics and Genomics

Dionna Monique GamblePIC

“Homologous Recombination Outcomes of Double-Strand Break- Initiated Events in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.” (Genetics and Genomics) Sue Jinks-Robertson, Adviser. September 2020.

Jonathan P KastanPIC

“Diverse Strategies Deployed by Poliovirus to Cope with Host Antiviral Responses.” (Genetics and Genomics) Matthias Gromeier, Adviser. December 2020.

Stephen Kenneth SiecinskiPIC

“The Genetic and Epigenetic Landscape of Oxytocin Signaling in the Social Brain of Humans and Mice.” (Genetics and Genomics) Simon Gregory, Adviser. May 2021.

Martine Wai-Yeng TremblayPIC

“Functions of the Histone Linker Protein H1.4 in Neuronal Development and Intellectual Disability.” (Genetics and Genomics) Anne West, Adviser. May 2021.

Amy Katherine WebsterPIC

“Genetic and Epigenetic Regulation of Starvation Resistance in Caenorhabditis elegans.” (Genetics and Genomics) L. Baugh, Adviser. May 2021.


Carolina-Duke Graduate Program in German Studies

Lea Helena GreenbergPIC

“Curious Daughters: Language, Literacy, and Jewish Female Desire in German and Yiddish Literature from 1793 to 1916.” (Carolina-Duke Graduate Program in German Studies) Ruth von Bernuth, Adviser. May 2021.

Edana Ann Kleinhans-JunghahnPIC

“Love, Power, and the Sovereign in Female Courtly Biographies of the Habsburg Empire. Venus and Her Scepter: Tu Fexlix Austria.” (Carolina-Duke Graduate Program in German Studies) Ruth von Bernuth, Adviser. May 2021.



Michael John Becker

“The Rule of the Lash and the Rule of Law: Amelioration, Enslaved People's Politics and the Courts in Jamaica, 1780-1834.” (History) David Barry Gaspar, Adviser. May 2021.

Erasmo Castellani

“Negotiating Sovereignty through Petitions in the Early Modern Mediterranean: Patterns of Political Expression in the Venetian Stato da Mar.” (History) John Martin, Adviser. May 2021.

Tom Jay Cinq-Mars

“In Search of "Friendship": Energy Policy, Trade, and Varieties of Socialism in the Soviet Bloc, 1872-1984.” (History) Edward Balleisen, Adviser. September 2020.

Aaron Gregory Colston

“The World's Problem's Are Your Own: Septima Clark, Elza Freire and Grassroots Freedom Education in the American Decade of Development (1960-1970).” (History) Sarah Deutsch, Adviser. September 2020.

Elsa Celestina Costa

“The Bourbon Ideology: Civic Eudaemonism in Habsburg and Bourbon Spain, 1600-1800.” (History) John French and Malachi Hacohen, Advisers. May 2021.

Robert FrancoPIC

“Revolution in the Sheets: The Politics of Sexuality and Tolerance in the Mexican Left, 1919-2001.” (History) Jocelyn Olcott, Adviser. December 2020.

Gray Fielding KiddPIC

“Surrendering to the Streets in Mid-Century Recife: The Living Legacies of Slavery in Black and White.” (History) John French, Adviser. May 2021.

Hannah Margaret Ontiveros

“Caring for Korea: Engendering War and Aid in the American Century.” (History) Nancy MacLean, Adviser. May 2021.

Thomas Ryan Prendergast

“In Defense of Empire: Habsburg Sociology and the European Nation-State, 1870-1920.” (History) Malachi Hacohen, Adviser. December 2020.

Jonathan Taylor Sapp

“The Aristocratic Body and the Memory Economy of Church Reform, 900-1300 C.E..” (History) Jehangir Malegam, Adviser. May 2021.



Laura Son Christian Resly

“Understanding the Role of Circulating and Tissue-Resident T cells in Cancer and Autoimmunity.” (Immunology) Qi-Jing Li, Adviser. May 2021.

Lindsay Carvalho Dahora

“The Impact of Antibody Biophysical Properties on Antigen Recognition and Fc Effector Functions.” (Immunology) Georgia D. Tomaras, Adviser. May 2021.

Joel Thomas Finney

“Fate Decisions During B-Lymphocyte Development and Activation.” (Immunology) Garnett Kelsoe, Adviser. May 2021.

Colleen Michelle McClean

“Novel Methods of Mycobacterial Control via Manipulation of Host Lipid Bioavailability.” (Immunology) David Tobin, Adviser. September 2020.

Jianxuan WuPIC

“Abnormal Adaptive Immunity in Bacterial Bladder Infections.” (Immunology) Soman Abraham, Adviser. December 2020.



Xuenan Cao

““Chinese Whispers”? The “China” that Disappears from Lossy Communications.” (Literature) Rey Chow and Mark Hansen, Advisers. May 2021.

Jessica F. GokhbergPIC

“Doktor Zhivago's Cold War.” (Literature) Robyn Wiegman, Adviser. May 2021.


Marine Science and Conservation

Kevin Charles BierlichPIC

“Incorporating Photogrammetric Uncertainty in UAS-based Morphometric Measurements of Baleen Whales.” (Marine Science and Conservation) David Johnston, Adviser. May 2021.

Alejandro J. García Lozano

“Weaving Governance Narratives: Multi-Level Cooperativist Institutions and the Governance of Small-Scale Fisheries in Mexico.” (Marine Science and Conservation) Xavier Basurto, Adviser. September 2020.

Hillary Suzanne Smith

“(En)gendering Change in Small-Scale Fisheries Science and Policy.” (Marine Science and Conservation) Xavier Basurto Guillermo, Adviser. May 2021.

Seth Thomas Sykora-BodiePIC

“The Role of Social, Economic, and Political Factors in the Design and Establishment of Antarctic Marine Protected Areas.” (Marine Science and Conservation) Andrew Read, Adviser. December 2020.

Zhao Wang

“Microbial Responses to Multiple Environmental Factors.” (Marine Science and Conservation) Dana Hunt, Adviser. September 2020.

Chen-Yi Wu

“Analyzing Hydrodynamic Properties of the North Atlantic Right Whales with Computer Solutions.” (Marine Science and Conservation) Douglas Nowacek, Adviser. December 2020.



Orsola Antonietta Capovilla-SearlePIC

“Exact Lagrangian Fillings of Legendrian links and Weinstein 4-manifolds.” (Mathematics) Lenhard Ng, Adviser. May 2021.

Gabriel Joseph Earle

“Stratified MCMC Sampling of Non-Reversible Dynamics.” (Mathematics) Jonathan Mattingly, Adviser. December 2020.

Eric Jeffrey HopperPIC

“Cyclotomic and Elliptic Polylogarithms and Motivic Extensions of Q by Q(m).” (Mathematics) Richard Hain, Adviser. May 2021.

Xiangying Huang

“Contact Process on Random Graphs and Trees.” (Mathematics) Richard Durrett, Adviser. May 2021.

Oliver Kelsey Tough

“Asymptotic Behaviour of the Fleming-Viot Process.” (Mathematics) James Nolen, Adviser. May 2021.

Didong Li

“Learning and Exploiting Low-Dimensional Structure in High-Dimensional Data.” (Mathematics) David B. Dunson, Adviser. September 2020.

Chao ShenPIC

“Robust and Scalable Unsupervised Learning via Landmark Diffusion, from Theory to Medical Application.” (Mathematics) Hau-Tieng Wu, Adviser. May 2021.

Kevin Diemer Stubbs

“On Exponentially Localized Wannier Functions in Non-Periodic Insulators.” (Mathematics) Jianfeng Lu, Adviser. May 2021.

Lihan Wang

“Quantitative Analysis in Stochastic Homogenization and Hypocoercive PDEs in Sampling.” (Mathematics) Jianfeng Lu, Adviser. May 2021.

Zhe WangPIC

“Efficient Algorithms for High-dimensional Eigenvalue Problems.” (Mathematics) Jianfeng Lu, Adviser. September 2020.

Xin Xiong

“Hodge Theory and String Topology.” (Mathematics) Richard Hain, Adviser. May 2021.

Yiyue Zhang

“The Hyperbolic Positive Mass Theorm and Volume Comparison Involving Scalar Curvature.” (Mathematics) Hubert Bray, Adviser. May 2021.


Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Brian William Allen

“High-Strength, 3D-Printed Antibiotic-Eluting Spacer to Treat Periprosthetic Joint Infection.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Ken Gall, Adviser. December 2020.

William Lucas Calkins

“Passive Acoustic Localization and Tracking with Mobile Robots.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Michael Zavlanos, Adviser. May 2021.

Chuyi Chen

“Acoustics-induced Fluid Motions.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Tony Jun Huang, Adviser. May 2021.

Yuyang Gu

“Exploiting the Interplay of Acoustic Waves and Fluid Motion for Particle Manipulation.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Tony Jun Huang, Adviser. May 2021.

Brian Hyun-jong Lee

“Self-Assembly of Polymer-Grafted Anisotropic Nanoparticles.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Gaurav Arya, Adviser. May 2021.

Dani Levin

“Convolution and Volterra Series Approach to Reduced Order Modelling of Unsteady Aerodynamic Loads and Improving Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting of an Aeroelastic System.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Earl Dowell, Adviser. September 2020.

Defei LiaoPIC

“Development of a Vertically Deployed Surface-Acoustic-Wave (VD-SAW) Transducer Platform for Activating Piezo Mechanosensitive Channels.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Pei Zhong, Adviser. May 2021.

Mengqian Liu

“Design of Biomaterials towards Endogenous Bone Regeneration.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Ken Gall, Adviser. December 2020.

Xusheng Luo

“Scalable Control Synthesis for Multi-Robot Systems under Temporal Logic Specifications.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Michael Zavlanos, Adviser. December 2020.

Matthew Benjamin Tucker

“Creation of an Autonomous, Fluorescence-Based Tissue Diagnostic and Ablation Device for Use in Brain Tumor Resection.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Patrick Codd, Adviser. December 2020.

Natalia Karina von Windheim

“Structure-Property Relationships of 3D Printed Thermoplastics for Implantable Orthopedic Devices.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Ken Gall, Adviser. May 2021.

Shihao Wang

“Optimization-Based Motion Planning for Humanoid Fall Recovery.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Kris Hauser, Adviser. December 2020.

Xueshe Wang

“Nonlinear Energy Harvesting With Tools From Machine Learning.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Brian Mann, Adviser. September 2020.

Kris Wiedenheft

“Jumping-Drop Vapor Chambers and Related Phase-Change Processes.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Chuan-Hua Chen, Adviser. December 2020.

Yawen Xu

“On Locating Unstable Equilibria and Probing Potential Energy Fields in Nonlinear Systems Using Experimental Data.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Lawrence Virgin, Adviser. September 2020.

Wenzhe Yu

“Algorithms and Software Infrastructure for High-Performance Electronic Structure Based Simulations.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Volker Blum, Adviser. December 2020.

Peiran ZhangPIC

“Digital Acoustofluidics Based Contactless and Programmable Liquid Handling.” (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science) Tony Jun Huang, Adviser. December 2020.


Medical Physics

Yushi Chang

“Development of an eXtended Modular ANthropomorphic (XMAN) phantom for Imaging and Treatment Optimization in Radiotherapy.” (Medical Physics) Fang-Fang Yin, Adviser. May 2021.

Jocelyn Mary HoyePIC

“Truth-Based Radiomics for Prediction of Lung Cancer Prognosis.” (Medical Physics) Ehsan Samei, Adviser. December 2020.

Leith John RankinePIC

“On the Utility of 129Xe Gas Exchange Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Assessing, Classifying, and Preventing Fibrotic Lung Diseases.” (Medical Physics) Bastiaan Driehuys and Shiva Das, Advisers. May 2021.

Taylor Brunton SmithPIC

“Development and Application of Patient-Informed Metrics of Image Quality in CT.” (Medical Physics) Ehsan Samei, Adviser. December 2020.

Wentao WangPIC

“Automated Generation of Radiotherapy Treatment Plans Using Machine Learning Methods.” (Medical Physics) Jackie Wu, Adviser. May 2021.

Lijia Zhang

“MR Susceptibility Mapping: Improved Quantification and Applications in Developmental Brain Imaging.” (Medical Physics) Lei Ren and Allen Song, Advisers. May 2021.


Molecular Cancer Biology

Moiez Ali

“Overcoming Therapeutic Resistance by Targeting Oncogene-Driven and Targeted-Therapy Induced Cancer Dependencies.” (Molecular Cancer Biology) Kris Wood, Adviser. May 2021.

Mark Shuo Chen

“Myxoid Liposarcoma: Models and Mechanisms of Sarcomagenesis and Response to Radiation Therapy.” (Molecular Cancer Biology) David G. Kirsch and Michael B. Kastan, Advisers. May 2021.

Drake Scott EdwardsPIC

“Novel Understandings of How Cancer Prevents and Responds to DNA Damage.” (Molecular Cancer Biology) Scott R. Floyd, Adviser. May 2021.

Douglas Bingham Fox

“Metabolic Adaptations in Tumor Recurrence.” (Molecular Cancer Biology) James Alvarez, Adviser. December 2020.

Taylor Kalei KrebsPIC

“Identification of Endocrine Therapy Induced Targetable Vulnerabilities in Cancer.” (Molecular Cancer Biology) Donald McDonnell, Adviser. May 2021.

Amy Jiayue PettyPIC

“Dissecting the Role of Hedgehog Signaling in Tumor-associated Macrophages and Immunosuppression in the Tumor Microenvironment.” (Molecular Cancer Biology) Yiping Yang, Adviser. May 2021.

Amy Jordan Wisdom

“Dissecting Mechanisms of Tumor Response and Resistance to Radiation and Immunotherapy.” (Molecular Cancer Biology) David G. Kirsch, Adviser. May 2021.


Molecular Genetics and Microbiology

Alejandro Luis Antonia

“Understanding Mechanisms and Diversity of Leishmania-Mediated CXCL10 Suppression.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) Dennis Ko, Adviser. May 2021.

Hannah Elizabeth BrownPIC

“Identifying the Connection between the Cell Surface and pH-Sensing in a Human Fungal Pathogen.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) Andrew Alspaugh, Adviser. December 2020.

Matthew Robert Detter

“Investigating the Pathogenesis and Response to Therapy of Cerebral Cavernous Malformations Using Transgenic Murine Models.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) Douglas A. Marchuk, Adviser. May 2021.

Kyle Dane GibbsPIC

“Natural Genetic Variants in Humans and Salmonellae Underlie Variable Infection Outcomes.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) Dennis Ko, Adviser. May 2021.

Alfred Theodore HardingPIC

“Viral- and Host-Targeted Interventions to Improve Influenza Disease Outcomes.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) Nicholas Heaton, Adviser. December 2020.

Michael James McFadden

“Characterizing Novel Molecular Regulators of Antiviral Gene Expression.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) Stacy Horner, Adviser. December 2020.

Nicole Stantial

“Stabilization of Topoisomerase 2 Mutants Initiates the Formation of Duplications in DNA.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) Sue Jinks-Robertson, Adviser. May 2021.

Albert Zhang

“Mechanisms of Glial Development in C. elegans.” (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) Dong Yan, Adviser. May 2021.



Meredith Claire GrahamPIC

“Multi-Text Anthology in the Choral Music of Ralph Vaughan Williams, Herbert Howells, Grace Williams, and Elizabeth Maconchy, 1919–1979.” (Music) Philip Rupprecht, Adviser. May 2021.

Karen Elaine Hovey MessinaPIC

“Dramatic Impulse: Diegetic Music in the Operas of Giacomo Puccini.” (Music) Philip Rupprecht, Adviser. December 2020.

Maxwell Colin Ramage

“Transcendental Oscillations in Popular and Classical Music Since the 1800s.” (Music) Nicholas Stoia, Adviser. May 2021.

Harrison Basil RussinPIC

“"I Believe": The Credo in Music, 1300 to 1500.” (Music) Thomas Brothers, Adviser. May 2021.



Jonnathan Singh Alvarado

“Neural Dynamics in the Basal Ganglia Underlying Birdsong Practice and Performance.” (Neurobiology) Richard Mooney, Adviser. May 2021.

Tyler W Bradshaw

“Statistical Inference and Community Detection in Proximity and Spatial Proteomics: Resolving the Organization of the Neuronal Proteome.” (Neurobiology) Scott Soderling, Adviser. May 2021.

Timothy Ryan Darlington

“Motor Preparation in the Macaque Smooth Pursuit Eye Movement System.” (Neurobiology) Stephen Lisberger and Lindsey Glickfeld, Advisers. May 2021.

Bryson Keith Deanhardt

“Chromatin-based Reprogramming of Courtship Regulators with Social Experience.” (Neurobiology) Pelin Volkan, Adviser. May 2021.

Maxwell Harrison Gillett

“Learning and Retrieval of Sequential Activity Using Temporally Asymmetric Hebbian Learning Rules.” (Neurobiology) Nicolas Brunel, Adviser. May 2021.

Thuy Hua

“General Anesthetics Activate a Central Pain-Suppression Circuit in the Amygdala.” (Neurobiology) Fan Wang, Adviser. September 2020.

Caley Jane Burrus Lane

“Understanding the Role of Huntingtin in Central Nervous System Development and Function.” (Neurobiology) Cagla Eroglu, Adviser. September 2020.

Joshua Gene Macopson-Jones

“Assessing Nucleocytoplasmic Transport in Spinocerebellar Ataxia type 7.” (Neurobiology) Albert La Spada, Adviser. May 2021.

Kiersten Ruda

“Retinal Ganglion Cell Population Codes from Starlight to Sunlight.” (Neurobiology) Greg Field, Adviser. December 2020.

Shawn Michael Willett

“Encoding of Concurrent Sounds in the Monkey Inferior Colliculus.” (Neurobiology) Jennifer Groh, Adviser. December 2020.



Nicole Dominique CalhounPIC

“Chronic Disease Management and Healthcare Utilization Among the Justice Involved Population.” (Nursing) Devon Noonan and Janice Humphreys, Advisers. May 2021.

Brian James Douthit

“Optimizing the Integration of Health Apps with the Electronic Health Record by Quantifying Data Readiness and Interoperability.” (Nursing) Sharron Docherty, Adviser. May 2021.

Gabrielle Maxine Harris Walker

“Parenting After Stroke.” (Nursing) Janet Prvu Bettger, Adviser. September 2020.

Matthew Roger LeBlanc

“Symptom Burden and Health-Related Quality of Life in Adults with Multiple Myeloma.” (Nursing) Sophia Smith, Adviser. May 2021.

Chiyoung Lee

“Cardiovascular Health Disparities among Older Adults in South Korea.” (Nursing) Hyeoneui Kim and Eun-Ok Im, Advisers. September 2020.


“Multiple Co-occurring Symptoms in Patients with Gastrointestinal Cancers.” (Nursing) Donald Bailey, Adviser. May 2021.

Jacqueline Nikpour

“Practice Patterns and Influential Factors of Nurse Practitioners Managing Chronic Pain.” (Nursing) Marion Broome, Adviser. May 2021.

Jacqueline Vaughn

“Enhancing Symptom Monitoring Using Mobile Technology for Children and Adolescents with Life-Threatening Illness.” (Nursing) Ryan Shaw, Adviser. September 2020.

Kristin JoAnn Masel WainwrightPIC

“Phenotyping Complex Symptoms in Adults with Multiple Sclerosis.” (Nursing) Sharron Docherty, Adviser. May 2021.

Robyn Katherine Wojeck

“Symptom Trajectories and Self-Management in Systemic Sclerosis.” (Nursing) Donald Bailey, Adviser. May 2021.

Yesol YangPIC

“The Association between Caregiver Characteristics and Cognitive Complaints of Women with Breast Cancer.” (Nursing) Cristina Hendrix, Adviser. December 2020.



Suzanne Elise Bartholf DeWittPIC

“Loss of the Chromatin Remodeler, ATRX, Promotes Aggressive Features of Osteosarcoma and Activates NF-κB Signaling and Integrin Receptor Binding.” (Pathology) Benjamin Alman, Adviser. May 2021.

Byron William Hayes

“Hyperinnervation and Chronic Mast Cell Activity in Bladder Pain Syndrome.” (Pathology) Soman Abraham, Adviser. May 2021.



Siqi Li

“Elucidating the Mechanisms Underlying the Mutational Bias of RAS Genes in Cancer Using a Chemical Carcinogenesis Mouse Model.” (Pharmacology) Christopher Counter, Adviser. December 2020.

Madeline Graham Sell

“Targeting Borrelia burgdorferi's Heat Shock Protein for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Lyme Disease.” (Pharmacology) Cynthia Kuhn, Adviser. December 2020.



Hannah Bondurant

“How Others Inform and Transform One's Sense of Self.” (Philosophy) David Wong, Adviser. May 2021.

Tim Burkhardt

“Death is Nothing! A Defense of Epicureanism.” (Philosophy) Jennifer Hawkins, Adviser. September 2020.

Joseph Richard NelsonPIC

“A Defense of Basic Prudential Hedonism.” (Philosophy) Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Adviser. December 2020.

Erick Jerard SamPIC

“The Right of Exit: Emigration, Secession and the Structure of International Taxation.” (Philosophy) Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Adviser. May 2021.



Christian Moritz BinderPIC

“Novel Tensor Network Methods for Interacting Quantum Matter and Its Dynamical Response.” (Physics) Thomas Barthel, Adviser. September 2020.

Douglas Raymond DavisPIC

“A Measurement of the Production Cross Section of a Single Top Quark in Association with a W-Boson at √s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS Detector at the Large Hadron Collide.” (Physics) Mark Kruse, Adviser. December 2020.

Dripto Mazumdar DebroyPIC

“Quantum Error Correction for Physically Inspired Error Models.” (Physics) Kenneth Brown, Adviser. May 2021.

Minyu FengPIC

“Search for Heavy Boson Resonances in Final States with a W or Z Boson and a Photon Using 139 \fb of Proton-Proton Collision Data at √s = 13 TeV Collected with the ATLAS.” (Physics) Alfred Goshaw, Adviser. December 2020.

Xiaomeng JiaPIC

“Directional Dependence and Polarization Anisotropy in Pump-probe Microscopy.” (Physics) Warren Warren, Adviser. May 2021.

Pak Hong (James) LeungPIC

“Robust Ion Trap Quantum Computation Enabled by Quantum Control.” (Physics) Kenneth Brown, Adviser. September 2020.

Xiaqing LiPIC

“Compton Scattering and Nucleon Polarizabilities at HIγS.” (Physics) Haiyan Gao, Adviser. December 2020.

Ronald Charles MalonePIC

“Measurement of the Neutron-Neutron Quasifree Scattering Cross Section in Neutron-Deuteron Breakup at 10.0 and 15.6 MeV.” (Physics) Calvin Howell, Adviser. September 2020.

Justin Lee RaybernPIC

“Characterization of the MARS Neutron Detector.” (Physics) Kate Scholberg, Adviser. May 2021.

Sourav SenPIC

“Observation of Higgs Boson Production through Vector Boson Fusion in the WW* Channel at the ATLAS Detector.” (Physics) Ashutosh Kotwal, Adviser. December 2020.

Qixin ShenPIC

“Manipulation of Nonlinear Optical Processes in Plasmonic Nanogap Cavities.” (Physics) Maiken Mikkelsen, Adviser. September 2020.

Hershdeep SinghPIC

“Exploring Quantum Field Theories Using Qubit Lattice Models.” (Physics) Roxanne Springer and Shailesh Chandrasekharan, Advisers. September 2020.

Xin ZhangPIC

“Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems: Measurement, Entanglement, and Criticality.” (Physics) Harold Baranger, Adviser. December 2020.

Yuchen ZhaoPIC

“Characterization and Mechanism of Rigidity in Columns of Star-shaped Granular Particles.” (Physics) Joshua Socolar, Adviser. September 2020.


Political Science

Robert Phillip AllredPIC

“Politics as Usual: Congress and the Intelligence Community.” (Political Science) Peter Feaver and Kyle Beardsley, Advisers. May 2021.

Moohyung ChoPIC

“Rethinking Judicial Independence in Democracy and Autocracy.” (Political Science) Georg Vanberg, Adviser. September 2020.

Spencer Steven Dorsey

“Machine Learning and Security Studies.” (Political Science) Peter Feaver and Scott de Marchi, Advisers. December 2020.

Dean Gerard Cabana Dulay

“Traditional Institutions and the Political Economy of the Philippines.” (Political Science) Timur Kuran and Edmund Malesky, Advisers. September 2020.

Brian Guay

“Misinformed? The Implications of Measurement for Assessing Citizen Competence.” (Political Science) D. Sunshine Hillygus, Adviser. May 2021.

Luis Miguel GuirolaPIC

“Long-Run Relationships, Economic Shocks and Political Disagreement - The Political Economy of Populism and Polarization.” (Political Science) Pablo Beramendi, Adviser. May 2021.

Ida Bæk Hjermitslev

“Perceptions of Partnership: Three Essays on Coalition Formation and Ideological Information Processing.” (Political Science) Herbert Kitschelt, Adviser. September 2020.

Christopher Scott Kennedy

“The Use and Abuse of Technology: Reconsidering the Ethics of Civil Disobedience, Leaking, and Intellectual Property for the Information Age.” (Political Science) Jack Knight, Adviser. September 2020.

Gabriel James MadsonPIC

“How Voters Use Issues.” (Political Science) D. Sunshine Hillygus, Adviser. May 2021.

Soo Min OhPIC

“Geography and Incentives: The Logic of Subnational Public Goods Provision in the Developing World.” (Political Science) Pablo Beramendi, Adviser. May 2021.

Kristen Michelle RenbergPIC

“Bureaucrats in Black Robes.” (Political Science) Mathew McCubbins, Adviser. September 2020.

Hannah Morgan Sigurdson RidgePIC

“Political and Economic Understandings of Democracy in the Middle East.” (Political Science) Mathew McCubbins, Adviser. May 2021.

Jason Douglas Todd

“Conceptualizing and Measuring Strategic Behavior Within American Political Institutions.” (Political Science) Georg Vanberg, Adviser. September 2020.

Tusi WenPIC

“Essays on the Political Economy of Authoritarian Rule.” (Political Science) Timur Kuran and Edmund Malesky, Advisers. September 2020.


Psychology and Neuroscience

Christina Hélène BejjaniPIC

“Learning Context-Sensitive Control.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Tobias Egner, Adviser. May 2021.

Carina Lea Block

“Prenatal Environmental Stressors Impair Postnatal Microglia Function and Adult Behavior in Males.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Staci Bilbo, Adviser. December 2020.

Alexander David Stine Breslav

“Learning the Value of Food: Mechanisms of Decision Making in Appetitive Behavior.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Scott Huettel and Nancy Zucker, Advisers. May 2021.

Tracy C. d'Arbeloff

“The Relationship between Fitness and Structural Brain Integrity in Midlife: Implications for Biomarker Development and Aging Interventions.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Ahmad R. Hariri, Adviser. May 2021.

Elsa Anne FriisPIC

“Development and Evaluation of a Web Application to Support Remote Clinical Supervision of Lay Counselors in Kenya.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Eve Puffer, Adviser. September 2020.

Ryan Nathaniel HughesPIC

“A New Experimental and Conceptual Approach to Understanding the Ventral Tegmental Area and Its Regulation of Motivated Behaviors.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Henry Yin, Adviser. May 2021.

Namsoo KimPIC

“Striatal Microcircuits Underlying Control of Actions.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Henry Yin, Adviser. December 2020.

Haofang E Li

“The Functional Organization of the Mesencephalic Locomotor Region Locomotion.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Henry Yin, Adviser. December 2020.

Kelsey Rae McDonaldPIC

“Computational Modeling of Multi-Agent, Continuous Decision Making in Competitive Contexts.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) John Pearson and Scott Huettel, Advisers. May 2021.

Allison Elizabeth MeyerPIC

“Is Everything Really Okay?: Anxious Reassurance Seeking as a Predictor of Stress Generation.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) John F. Curry, Adviser. September 2020.

David Lazar Kalinich Murphy

“Oculomotor Influence on the Mechanics of Hearing: Eye Movement-Related Eardrum Oscillations and Their Potential Role in Audio-Visual Spatial Integration.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Jennifer Groh, Adviser. December 2020.

Matthew Stanley

“The Complementary Roles of Memory, Morality, and Counterfactual Thinking in Constructing and Improving the Self.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Elizabeth Marsh, Adviser. May 2021.

Alyssa Newman Van Denburg

“A Controlled Breathing Intervention for Women Undergoing MRI-Guided Breast Biopsy: A Randomized Controlled Trial.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Francis Keefe, Adviser. September 2020.

Peter Whitehead

“The Role of Memory in Driving and Supporting the Implementation of Cognitive Control.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Tobias Egner and Marty Woldorff, Advisers. May 2021.

Wouter WolfPIC

“Connecting through Shared Cognition: Social Consequences and Psychological Underpinnings of Sharing Experiences with Others..” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Michael Tomasello, Adviser. May 2021.

Brenda Wei YangPIC

“Fiction as Autobiography: Characterizing the Phenomenology and Functions of Memories of Narrative Fiction.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Elizabeth Marsh, Adviser. May 2021.

Paula Kathryn Schutt YustPIC

“Variability in the Quality of College Students’ Friendships: Associations with Loneliness, Belonging, and Representations of Friendships.” (Psychology and Neuroscience) Steven Asher, Adviser. May 2021.


Public Policy

Sarah Harrington CrossPIC

“Exploring Hospice Live Discharges in the Carolinas.” (Public Policy) Jr. Taylor, Adviser. May 2021.

Francisco Meneses

“Three Essays in Political Economy of Public Goods in Chile.” (Public Policy) Marcos Rangel, Adviser. May 2021.

Emily Kathleen Rains

“Negotiating Informality: Essays on Policy Needs and Political Problem-Solving in Indian Slums.” (Public Policy) Anirudh Krishna, Adviser. May 2021.



Torang Asadi

“Quantum Regimes: Genealogies of Virtual Matter and Healing the New Age Body.” (Religion) David Morgan, Adviser. May 2021.

Adam David Patrick BoothPIC

“Mother Jesus: The Contribution of Maternal Imagery to the Soteriology and Christology of First Peter.” (Religion) J. Ross Wagner, Adviser. May 2021.

Brad BoswellPIC

“Cyril Against Julian: Traditions in Conflict.” (Religion) J. Warren Smith, Adviser. May 2021.

Emily Zilda Dubie

“"Loving Your Neighbor Professionally": Theology, Social Work, and the Limits of Moral Agency.” (Religion) Luke Bretherton, Adviser. May 2021.

Michael Remedios Grigoni

“The Gun in US American Life: An Ethnographic Christian Ethics.” (Religion) Luke Bretherton, Adviser. December 2020.

Christopher William Howell

“Designer Science: A History of Intelligent Design in America.” (Religion) David Morgan, Adviser. May 2021.

Ryan Michael JuskusPIC

“The Ecopolitics of Truth and Sacrifice: An Ethnographic and Theological Study of Citizen Science, Environmental Justice, and Christian Witness in Coal’s Sacrifice Zones.” (Religion) Luke Bretherton, Adviser. May 2021.

David Solomon OrensteinPIC

“A Contemporary Analysis of Shifting Contours of Jewish and Christian Identities.” (Religion) Laura Lieber and Yaakov Ariel, Advisers. May 2021.


Romance Studies

Roger David DulceanyPIC

“Caribbean Iconographies of Cultural Nationalism: Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico.” (Romance Studies) Richard Rosa, Adviser. September 2020.

Kathleen Kelsey Maxymuk

“Resonant Wandering Forms: Tracing the Trajectories of the Cinemas of Jean-Luc Godard, Éric Rohmer and Jacques Rivette.” (Romance Studies) Anne-Gaëlle Saliot, Adviser. May 2021.

Tessa Ashlin Nunn

“Writing Women Dance.” (Romance Studies) Toril Moi, Adviser. May 2021.

Filippo Screpanti

“Renegades, Slaves, and Pirates: the Representation of Mediterranean Corsair Wars and Barbary in Early Modern Western Literature and Culture.” (Romance Studies) Michèle Longino, Adviser. September 2020.

Anna Catherine TybinkoPIC

“Urban Borderlands: African Writers in Precarious Spain, 1985-2008.” (Romance Studies) Lamonte Aidoo and Stephanie Sieburth, Advisers. May 2021.



Andrew CarrPIC

“The Measurement and Social Consequences of U.S. Income Inequality.” (Sociology) Martin Ruef, Adviser. May 2021.

Kevin Robert Kiley

“Three Papers on Culture, Time, and Attitudes.” (Sociology) Stephen Vaisey, Adviser. May 2021.

Miles S. MarsalaPIC

“Essays on the Complexities of Social Inequalities and Health Disparities.” (Sociology) Scott Lynch, Adviser. September 2020.

Jessica Sayles WestPIC

“Stress Proliferation and Disability over the Life Course.” (Sociology) Scott Lynch, Adviser. May 2021.


Statistical Science

Erika Lyn Cunningham

“A Data-Retaining Framework for Tail Estimation.” (Statistical Science) Surya Tokdar, Adviser. September 2020.

Federico Ferrari

“Bayesian Interaction Estimation with High-Dimensional Dependent Predictors.” (Statistical Science) David Dunson, Adviser. May 2021.


“Privacy and Robustness of Deep Neural Networks.” (Statistical Science) Lawrence Carin and Jerry Reiter, Advisers. May 2021.

Jialiang Mao

“Advances in Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling with Tree-based Methods.” (Statistical Science) Li Ma, Adviser. September 2020.

Austin Bryan Talbot

“Relating Traits to Electrophysiology Using Factor Models.” (Statistical Science) David Dunson, Adviser. December 2020.

Shuxi Zeng

“Modeling and Methodological Advances in Causal Inference.” (Statistical Science) Fan Li, Adviser. May 2021.

Kaylee P. Alexander
Visit to the Catacombs of Paris during my research year (2019-20).
Max Symuleski
Max Symuleski
Grace Anne Beggs
Grace Anne Beggs
Benjamin Andrew Fenton
Benjamin Fenton
Yang Suo
Yang Suo
You Wang
You Wang in Beese lab at Duke
Irene Ting Liao
Me (center) with my brother-in-law Paul (far left), Mom (center left), sister Joann (center right), and Dad (far right) at Disneyland in December 2019.
Bryan Thomas Piatkowski
Bryan Piatkowski, Ph.D. in Biology
Songhui Zhao
Songhui Zhao
Brinnae Marie Bent
Brinnae Marie Bent
Brian Robert Bigler
Brian Robert Bigler
Chia-Han Chiang
Me (right) with my biggest supporter, Gloria (my wife).
Jun Jiang
Jun Jiang
Megan Cathleen Madonna
Megan C. Madonna earned her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at the Center for Global Women's Health Technologies, advised by Dr. Nimmi Ramanujam.
Jianghao Li
Right after my virtual defense. Celebrating with some fake flowers...
Tatiana Michelle Lluent
Tatiana Michelle Lluent
Lia Sheer
Lia Sheer
Lea Helena Greenberg
Lea H. Greenberg, Carolina-Duke Graduate Program in German Studies
Edana Ann Kleinhans-Junghahn
Edana Ann Kleinhans-Junghahn
Manuella Rossette Clark-Cotton
Me in front of Duke Chapel
Jamie Nicole Garcia
Jamie Nicole Garcia
Leyao Shen
Leyao Shen
Susan Elizabeth Wopat
Susan Elizabeth Wopat
Suraj Kumar Ayer
Suraj K Ayer
Seoyoung Cho
Seoyoung Cho
Kasie Lynn Collins
Me celebrating the completion of my PhD in Chemistry and my MS in Biomedical Engineering
Xiaoqi Lang
Xiaoqi participating in a outreach event at French Family Science Center in Oct 2019
Xuyan Ru
Me embracing the beauty of nature in Joshua Tree national park, CA.
Yu Xu
Yu Xu
Feichen Yang
Feichen Yang
Jacqueline Marie Zaengle-Barone
Jacqueline Zaengle-Barone
Masih Eghdami
Masih Eghdami
Brandon Hunter
I will forever be grateful to the entire village of people who have helped me get to, through, and beyond my graduate journey. I am excited to see what the future holds.
Faye A Koenigsmark
Faye Anna Koenigsmark
Clay Michael Sanders
Clay Michael Sanders
Adrian Carl Linden-High
Adrian C. Linden-High
Lanie Elizabeth Happ
Lanie Elizabeth Happ
Yuanjun Yao
Yuanjun Yao
Kimberley Laverne Elisabeth Claudie Drouin
Me outside of LSRC
Jun Ukita Shepard
Jun completed her doctoral research on global energy systems and international trade under the mentorship of Prof. Lincoln Pratson. She is now a Senior Associate at RMI, a climate/energy non-profit, where she develops analytics to accelerate state-level climate action. She is grateful for all of her colleagues, friends, and family for their support.
Britany Lauren Morgan
Britany Lauren Morgan
Emily Anne Ury
Winter hiking in the mountains
Michael Boutros
Michael Boutros
Xiaoyu Chen
Xiaoyu Chen, Duke Economics Ph.D. 2021
Attila Gyetvai
Attila Gyetvai
Taehoon Kim
Taehoon Kim
Vytautas Valaitis
Vytautas Valaitis
Rana Osama Abdelelah Gaber Elnaggar
Rana Elnaggar
Spencer David Ferguson
Spencer David Ferguson
Bohao Huang
Bohao Huang
Mengyun Liu
Mengyun Liu
Steven Gary Noyce
Steven Gary Noyce
Chang Song
Chang Song
Fan Wang
Fan Wang
Wade Mitchell Wilson
Wade Wilson
Chunpeng Wu
Chunpeng Wu-Grand Canyon National Park
Insang Yoo
Insang @ SD
Xiangyu Zhang
Xiangyu (Mike) at Duke Chapel
Brad Boswell
Brad Boswell
Devin Jane Buckley
"When a man gives his opinion, he's a man; when a woman gives her opinion, she's difficult" - Bette Davis. May all women be intelligently, eloquently, and indomitably difficult.
Stoney Lee Portis
My last day on campus!
Claire Elise Ravenscroft
Taken on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK, 2018
Linchen He
Dr. Linchen He, Environmental Sciences & Health
Assaad Mrad
Assaad Mrad
Rose Sabrina Schrott
Rose Sabrina Schrott
Zane Shea Swanson
Zane Shea Swanson
Dionna Monique Gamble
Dionna Monique Gamble
Stephen Kenneth Siecinski
Stephen Kenneth Siecinski
Martine Wai-Yeng Tremblay
My fiancé, Jon, and I
Amy Katherine Webster
Amy Katherine Webster
Robert Franco
Robert holding up a digital copy of his dissertation shortly after his defense, which took place over Zoom on September 25, 2020.
Gray Fielding Kidd
Gray F. Kidd in Oaxaca, Mexico for the 66th Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Council of Latin American Studies (SECOLAS).
Jianxuan Wu
Jianxuan Wu in mountains of North Carolina
Jessica F. Gokhberg
Jessica Gokhberg
Kevin Charles Bierlich
KC (Kevin) Charles Bierlich
Seth Thomas Sykora-Bodie
Seth Thomas Sykora-Bodie
Orsola Antonietta Capovilla-Searle
Orsola Antonietta Capovilla-Searle
Eric Jeffrey Hopper
Eric Jeffrey Hopper
Chao Shen
me (right) solving math problem with my dog Lily
Zhe Wang
Zhe Wang
Defei Liao
Won the championship in Duke intramural soccer league
Peiran Zhang
Peiran Zhang
Jocelyn Mary Hoye
Jocelyn Mary Hoye
Leith John Rankine
Me (right) with my wonderful, adventurous, gorgeous, and supportive wife, Benay (left).
Taylor Brunton Smith
Taylor Smith and his biggest fans, Mom and Dad
Wentao Wang
Wentao Wang
Drake Scott Edwards
Drake Scott Edwards
Taylor Kalei Krebs
Thanks for a great experience at Duke the McDonnell Lab! Me (second from right) with my advisor, Donald McDonnell (left), and some labmates.
Amy Jiayue Petty
Amy Jiayue Petty
Hannah Elizabeth Brown
Me celebrating the virtual and successful defense of my PhD with big balloons and an even bigger smile :) 😊 🎉
Kyle Dane Gibbs
Kyle Dane Gibbs
Alfred Theodore Harding
Me (left) with my advisor, Nicholas Heaton (right).
Meredith Claire Graham
Meredith Claire Graham
Karen Elaine Hovey Messina
Karen Elaine Hovey Messina
Harrison Basil Russin
Me doing research at the Vatican (St Peter's Basilica behind me)
Nicole Dominique Calhoun
Dr. Nicole Dominique Calhoun, PhD, MSN, FNP-BC
Yufen Lin
Yufen Lin, PhD, RN from Duke University School of Nursing
Kristin JoAnn Masel Wainwright
Kristin Wainwright and her son
Yesol Yang
Yesol Yang
Joseph Richard Nelson
Joe R. Nelson
Erick Jerard Sam
Erick J. Sam
Christian Moritz Binder
Christian Moritz Binder
Douglas Raymond Davis
Douglas Raymond Davis
Dripto Mazumdar Debroy
Dripto Mazumdar Debroy
Minyu Feng
Minyu Feng
Xiaomeng Jia
Xiaomeng Jia
Pak Hong (James) Leung
Pak Hong (James) Leung
Xiaqing Li
Xiaqing Li
Ronald Charles Malone
Ron with his wife, Kyra, and son, Nathan.
Justin Lee Raybern
Justin Lee Raybern
Sourav Sen
Sourav Sen
Qixin Shen
Qixin Shen
Hershdeep Singh
Hershdeep Singh
Xin Zhang
Xin Zhang
Yuchen Zhao
When I stare at this picture, I am glad that my hair is not losing much after a PhD...
Robert Phillip Allred
Robert Phillip Allred
Moohyung Cho
The beginning of my PhD journey in Fall 2014
Luis Miguel Guirola
Me before defense
Gabriel James Madson
Gabriel James Madson
Soo Min Oh
Soomin Oh, Ph.D. in Political Science
Kristen Michelle Renberg
Kristen Renberg successfully defended her dissertation entitled "Bureaucrats in Black Robes" on July 16, 2020.
Hannah Morgan Sigurdson Ridge
Hannah Ridge
Tusi Wen
Me (left) with my mother
Christina Helene Bejjani
Christina Hélène Bejjani
Elsa Anne Friis
Me (right) with my advisor, Dr. Eve Puffer (middle) and labmate, Dr. Ali Giusto (left) in Kenya.
Ryan Nathaniel Hughes
Namsoo Kim
Hyeyoung and Namsoo
Kelsey Rae McDonald
Kelsey McDonald
Allison Elizabeth Meyer
Allison Elizabeth Meyer
Wouter Wolf
Wouter Wolf
Brenda Wei Yang
Brenda Yang
Paula Kathryn Schutt Yust
Paula Kathryn Schutt Yust
Sarah Harrington Cross
Sarah Harrington Cross
Ryan Michael Juskus
Ryan Juskus
David Solomon Orenstein
David Solomon Orenstein
Anna Catherine Tybinko
Dean's Award Winners 2021. Anna Tybinko (far right, second from top)
Andrew Carr
Me (Andrew Carr)
Miles S. Marsala
Miles S. Marsala
Jessica Sayles West
Jessica Sayles West
Bai Li
Bai Li
Jonathan P Kastan
Me (left) with my fiancee, Dr. Martine Tremblay
Suzanne Bartholf DeWitt, DVM, PhD
Suzanne Bartholf DeWitt, DVM, PhD
Adam D. Booth
Adam D. Booth
Ash-Girl Chapfuwa
Ash-Girl Chapfuwa
David Dulceany
David Dulceany, PhD Romance Studies - Spanish and Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Jingkang Zhao
This photo was taken in 2013 when I first came to Duke.
Qingran Li
Qingran Li (Environmental Policy - Economics concentration). Picture taken on a boat at the Duke University Marine Lab.
Jonathan Moreno Medina
Me (left) with my best half, Viviana.
Dieu Linh Thi Nguyen
Dieu Linh Thi Nguyen
Lucas Rocha Melogno
Few Bolivians have been at Duke and I hope that my story encourages many others to come. Duke is a unique place where perseverance meets opportunities.